These 9 Signs Will Reveal if Your Relationship is Worth Saving!

These 9 Signs Will Reveal if Your Relationship is Worth Saving!

The best feeling in the world is to love someone with your whole being and have that love returned. We’re all just human beings and we yearn for love, that unconditional, crazy, stupid love and that’s what makes us go forward in life. That special feeling makes us better people, makes us want to improve ourselves and cherish every day we spend with the person that makes us feel that way. But love can also break our heart and make us feel like there’s no point in living anymore. For as much it can hurt us, love is simply a risk worth taking.

When you’re in a loving, committed relationship, you open yourself to your partner completely and you expose your inner self. That’s just how love works, no matter how risky it may be, you can’t go to the next level unless you take a chance. You pour your soul out and hope that your partner will know how to love you back and cherish everything you’ve done for him. How perfect would it be if everything always turned out OK? Unfortunately, it often ends up in heartbreak, from one side or the other.

Making your relationship work and evolve is not an easy task. It takes a lot of effort and dedication and not everyone is aware that you need to work on it, day in, day out. And there will be challenges, there will be hard moments and this is what makes it so special. The worst thing you can do is give up on a relationship that’s worth saving. But how can you know if you should fight for it or simply let it go? How can you know if your relationship is not doomed?

If you’re going through a rough patch with your partner and are contemplating on the idea of exiting the relationship, hit the breaks for the time being. If you find yourself in this situation, don’t give up on the two of you just yet, your relationship may be salvageable after all. The following signs will tell you if you should stick around a little bit longer:

1. Neither you nor your partner wants to call it a quits

This is excellent news. It means that neither one of you wants to give up on your relationship just yet. It also means that both of you are willing to go the extra mile and try a little harder to make it work.

2. You have unfinished business

If you’re bothered by something your partner does or if you feel like your relationship isn’t going anywhere don’t give up on it right away. Try to talk to your partner and find an easier solution. Maybe talking to him will make things right and you’ll end up happily ever after, you can’t know unless you give it a chance.

3. A new problem is ruining everything

If what’s making you miserable is something new, don’t walk away right away. Every new challenge in a relationship can be difficult but overcoming it will make you stronger than ever. Stand besides your partner and face your challenges together, that’s what relationships are all about. After all, what’s life if not a series of challenges?

4. He’s genuinely trying to better himself

If he’s trying to improve himself, eradicate all the bad habits that bother you it means that he still cares and wants this relationship to last. Don’t be impatient, it’s a work in progress and he deserve to be given a second chance.

5. Your surroundings are making you doubt your relationship

If most of your troubles in the relationship stem from outside factors you should shake them off and think things through on your own. If your family or friends try to tell you he’s no good for you or that your relationship is doomed you should know that they’ll never see things from your perspective. Don’t let others tell you how you feel, they’re not in your shoes and shouldn’t judge you from outside.

6. Don’t give up until you’ve got all the facts straight

You heard he’s cheating on you but you’re not sure? Your friend tells you he’s no good for you? Don’t jump to conclusions until you’ve got the facts figured out. Think things through, evaluate the problem and make a decision after you’ve got all the facts straight.

7. It’s just one honest mistake

We’re all humans and make mistakes, we don’t need to be crucified for one small mishap. Think about your relationship and if it’s worth destroying it over one, small, honest mistake.

8. Some problems can be fixed

Not every problem in a relationship is a deal breaker, some things can easily be fixed and resolved with just a little time and effort. Be patient and try to find the solution, together, with joint forces. When you overcome the problem, you’ll love each other even more.

9. You’re afraid you’ll be heartbroken

This is definitely the stupidest thing in the world, but unfortunately it exists. Many people fear that they’ll be heartbroken eventually and feel like this is the lesser of two evils. They fear they’ll be blindsided and pull the plug before it’s too late. Don’t let fear ruin your relationship and don’t deprive yourself of the happiness you feel. Enjoy yourself and be happy!

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