9 Signs You Need to Say Goodbye to Your Relationship

9 Signs You Need to Say Goodbye to Your Relationship

1.You can’t trust your partner anymore

In a healthy, loving relationship, trust is the first thing you rely on. It’s the thing that keeps you stable and going forwards but if that trust is broken, your relationship may never recover.

If your partner keeps breaking his promises, if he keeps betraying the trust you’ve invested in him and simply can’t understand how much damage that’s doing to you and your relationship, he’s not worth your time and effort.

2. Your partner has become too dependent on you

You need to be able to rely on your partner and he needs to be able to rely on you as well. However, you should both be independent and able to do things on your own, when needed. If your partner becomes too dependent on you and if he becomes too needy, it’ll put a strain on your relationship. You need someone who’s able to take care of themselves, not a baby who needs you for every single thing in life. I

3. You’re not yourself when you’re with your partner

You should never have to change just because you think your partner doesn’t like some of your personality traits. Being someone else, pretending to be someone else all the time can be exhausting and will make you hate yourself after a while. You should never pretend and change yourself just because your partner said so. Maybe you want to work on your improvement, advancement and simply become a better you, but only if you’re doing it for yourself. If you’re doing it because your partner thinks you should change, let him go right away.

4.They don’t make you feel good

When you’re with your partner you need to feel ecstatic, you need to feel happy and head over heels in love. If this is not the case, then your relationship is probably not going anywhere. Don’t get us wrong, we all have our moments, our fights and arguments when we feel bad, but these usually end in a day or so and we’re back to our happy-go-lucky routine. If your relationship isn’t fulfilling and you simply feel like there’s something lacking in it, you should probably say your goodbyes.

5.Your partner doesn’t listen to you

Being a good partner usually involves listening to your partner, but really listening to him and trying to do your best to hear them out. If your partner loves and respects you, if he cares for you, he’ll always be there to hear you out whenever you need it. He won’t be bothered by your silly crises and he’ll pay attention to you, these are the traits of a loving, committed relationship.

6.You’re not their priority

It’s not that he should always come running to you whenever you call him up, leaving everything else aside, but your relationship should be their priority. If you need him, he should find the time to be there for you and help you out. If you call him, he should find the time to pick up the phone and show that he cares. If he doesn’t make an effort, he’s not worth it because he simply doesn’t care for you enough.

7.You can’t depend on him

The most disappointing thing in a relationship is not being able to depend on your partner. If your partner isn’t there for you when you need him the most, there’s no point in staying in the relationship. If he always makes excuses and you’ve accepted that you can never count on him to do anything, it’s time to say goodbye to your relationship.

8.He doesn’t show he cares

We can all say how much we care about someone, how much we love them and how much we appreciate having them in our lives. However, when it comes to showing that love, things get a bit harder. But the truth is that words don’t mean anything, if they’re not seen in action. If your partner is like this, if he’s big on words but doesn’t do anything to show how much you mean to him, he’s probably not interested in anything deeper and committed. If he cares for you he should be able to show it.

9.He’s not consistent

If your partner isn’t consistent in his behavior, if he’s all loving and caring one day and puts you on ignore the next, he’s got some issues he needs to work on. You need to know where you stand with your partner and how he feels about you and about your relationship, but if he acts inconsistently, you’re left in the dark regarding his intentions with you. If he doesn’t clean up his act and becomes steady and consistent in his behavior, you need to move on.

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