Here Are 9 Signs You’re Surrounded With Evil Persons

Here Are 9 Signs You’re Surrounded With Evil Persons

How perfect would it be if all the evil people around you were dressed in black gowns with a creepy grin on their face and a broom under their arm? And if all the good people were glowing like rays of sunshine with a halo over their heads? It would make life much easier and you’ll know exactly who you need to be friends with and who to avoid.

But unfortunately, life isn’t that easy and people more often than not, hide their true intentions from the world and wear masks that make it hard for you to read them. The evilest people on the world look completely normal, just like you and me, and it makes it hard for us to try and avoid these ‘normal’ looking people. But sooner or later, you’ll feel their negative energy and their toxicity will make your life miserable. But before this happens, here are some signs that will make it easier for you to distinguish these evil people and run as far away from them as you can.

They will try to manipulate you every step of the way

Evil people are true manipulators and their sole purpose in life is to achieve their goals even if they need to walk over your dead body to do it. They will manipulate you in a heartbeat and complete their objective, without you even noticing it. They couldn’t care less if someone gets hurt in the process, as long as their goal is achieved.

They will mislead you

In any way they can, they will try to sow a seed of doubt in your mind, making you question everyone and everything around you. They will use any means they can to turn the tide in their favor and will do it so professionally that you’ll have no choice but the believe every word they say.

They’re not reliable and trustworthy

There’s no question that you could never trust someone that manipulates and misleads you with their every action and every word they say. Everything they do is part of their bigger agenda and is another piece in the puzzle they’ve designed to achieve their goal.

You always owe them something

They believe that everyone and everything in this world is designed to cater to their needs because they’re simply special that way. They believe that the whole world owes them something just because they need it to be that way.

They seek attention

These people believe they’re the center of the world and that the whole world revolves around them. Consequently, they believe that everyone needs to pay attention to them and their needs because they’re superior to everyone else.

They lie blatantly

They will lie straight to your face, without batting an eye, if it will get them closer to their goal. And even if they’re caught in a lie, the will keep lying to cover it all up.

They’ll never admit their mistakes or apologize

Even if they know they’re wrong, if they know they’ve made a mistake, they will never admit it or say they’re sorry because they couldn’t care less about other people’s feelings. They simply believe they have nothing to apologize for.

They never value your time

They will always put themselves in front of others and will never care about your time. They believe that their time is much more valuable than yours and you need to accept it as well.

They will hide things from you

If something doesn’t work in their favor they will hide it from you and mislead you to achieve their ultimate goal.

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