Amazing: An Ancient Script Tells Us How To Be Human!

Amazing: An Ancient Script Tells Us How To Be Human!

We’re not born with a manual or guidelines on how to go through life. There’s no formula for being human, but according to Dr. Cherie Carter-Scott, there are rules for being human that once learned can definitely help us to have great relationships with those around us.

As they can help us evolve, these lessons should become a priority for everyone around the world. The text below contains 9 “rules” of being human that were discovered on an ancient Sanskrit script. It may be thousands of years old, but it is still valid.

Rule 1: Your body is for life

You may not like your body, but it’s yours forever, so you must accept it like it is.

Rule 2: You’ll be given endless lessons

No one knows all the secrets of the life and the Universe – life is a series of learning experiences and every day is a new lesson. These lessons are specific, and learning them is the key to unlocking the mysteries of life.

Rule 3: See mistakes as lessons

Our self-growth is actually a series of trial and error experiences, so you should be aware that you will fail sometimes. Don’t be discouraged by it, though – it’s inevitable that something will go bad at least once in your life, and you must accept it. Don’t see your failure as a mistake – instead, let it be a lesson. Laugh at your own mishaps and you will learn from the experience.

Rule 4: You must repeat the lesson until you learn it

Life lessons are repeated many times before they’re learned. Any kind of obstacle in your life should be seen as a lesson, and you will repeat it for a big part of your life before you learn things and grow. You must accept that you’re not a victim of circumstance – things will happen to you because of who you are. Blaming others for your own mistakes is only denial. It’s you that are responsible for your own mistakes, and you will repeat them before you learn anything.

Rule 5: The learning process never ends

Make no mistake – you will never stop learning as long as you’re alive. There’s no key for happiness, so instead of sulking and beating yourself up, learn how to adapt and change. Embrace your shortcomings and stay flexible, or you’ll be stuck in a perpetual motion of mistakes.

Rule 6: Be grateful for what you have

Yes, the hill may be greener on the other side, but you should be grateful for what you have. You must learn how to appreciate your own stuff rather than measure it against the things of others. Live in the present instead of the future or past, and you will be at peace with yourself.

Rule 7: Others are a reflection of yourself

Depending on the things you like or hate in yourself, you love or hate something in others. You must learn how to be tolerant and accept everyone around you as they come. You must be objective about yourself and your feelings. Support your friends and family in their goals in order to support yourself. If you’re unable to do it, you’re unable to attend to your own needs.

Rule 8: You’re in control of your own destiny

When you’re born, you have all the resources at your disposal to succeed, and how you use them is completely up to you. Take responsibility of your choices, and learn to let go when something’s not going right. Never get angry, as bitter memories can mess with your mind and affect your reasoning. We all have courage in us, but we must learn how to use it. We’re adventurous beings and possess natural powers, so draw on them to make something out of your life.

Rule 9: Your answers are within you

If you want to succeed in life, you must learn how to trust your instinct. Believe that little voice at the back of your head, look, and listen, and you’ll be able to move forward instead of being stuck in the past.

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