If You See These Animals Often, You’re Being Contacted from Above!

If You See These Animals Often, You’re Being Contacted from Above!

Native Americans have always found meaning in nature we haven’t really paid much attention to. It’s not uncommon for an animal to cross our path, no matter if it’s a cat, snake or a bird. We’ve never really given it any thought, but according to Native Americans, every animal carries a piece of wisdom and a unique message from Angels and the Divine.

Animals should be treated with respect. Since the dawn of time, numerous animals were considered sacred in different cultures and their behavior and appearance was often a sign of divine intervention. By observing the behavior of animals, we can understand the energy around us and the message the animal carries.

Just like our spirit guides, each one of us has spirit animals as well. When our spirit animal appears, they usually carry a message from a divine being which shows us the true way. Here are 15 animals that can cross our path carrying an important spiritual message:


Hawks are nocturnal birds of prey and often seen like messengers from Angels, Divas and the Divine. Seeing them frequently means that you need to start paying attention to details. It might also mean that you will be getting an important life lesson soon.


If you see eagles or imagery of this great bird often, you’re probably going to enter a new state of consciousness soon, as eagles are a symbol of Divine protection.

Ravens and Crows

Although most people consider seeing crows and ravens a bad omen, they actually signify the “death and rebirth” cycle, meaning that you’re finally ready to let go of something.


Seeing owls often is a sign that you should trust your intuition. Owls can guide us to the right path and indicate that we need to believe in our own truth more often.


Cardinals carry messages from a deceased father figure or male spiritual guide. When you see them, you can be sure that your guardian angel is watching over you from above and keeping you safe in times of need.

Blue Jay

Contrary to cardinals, blue jays carry messages from a mother figure of female spiritual guides. They’re also a reminder about the importance of family and a sign that you need to channel your creativity.

Praying Mantis

Praying mantises are a sign of serenity and peace. They are a reminder that we shouldn’t rush through life and that small details matter.


Seeing lizard imagery is a reminder that we need to stay true to our goals and dreams. If you’ve lost faith in your goals and you’re not very confident in your skills, seeing a lizard will remind you that you have the power to achieve anything if you set your mind on it.


Seeing snakes around you often is nothing bad – in fact, it’s a reminder that you need to attend to your passions and start pursuing them with vigor. Snakes may also indicate that you’re transitioning to a place of healing.


Surprisingly, spiders are symbols of spiritual connection and creation. They are a sign that you need to reach your creative potential and realize your ideas. They are also a symbol of a strong connection with the spirit world, meaning that a spirit has some kind of message for you.


Seeing elegant dragonflies often is an indication that your guardian angel is always looking out for you. Dragonflies also indicate that you’re walking on the right spiritual path.


Ladybug is a symbol of good luck and that your life is going to change for the better soon. Ladybugs are also seen as a signal for the right moment to fulfill your dreams.


Butterflies indicate transformation. If you see them often, it’s a sign that you need to let go of the things that are holding you back in order to change yourself for the better. They are also a sign of the beginning of the transformation cycle in your life.


Seeing wolves or wolf imagery is a sign that you should pay more attention to who you’re friends with, or that you need to accept help when others offer it.


Foxes are a sign that you need to take a different approach to life and other things. Fox imagery also means that you need to take a lighthearted approach to life and not take things so seriously.

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