Our Future Lies In The Artificial Intelligence, Will It Tear Down Or Will It Help Humanity?

Our Future Lies In The Artificial Intelligence, Will It Tear Down Or Will It Help Humanity?

Experts’ opinion

If we can believe the tech experts, the artificial intelligence can change the world. But the changes can affect one person differently. Some of the experts says that AI systems will help the humans, others just think that this will make the humanity even worse.

The question is how a single technology can provoke that different opinion from people that are experts in that area?

AI is software that is made so it can learn and solve problems – process that is conducted in the human brain. Apple’s Siri, Tesla’s Autopilot and Amazon’s Alexa are based on AI.  There are even forms of artificial intelligence that can write poems and create certain type of art.

AI can be progressive for sure. The way we work can be changed and transformed with machines, or what we call, automation.  The artificial systems can take over everything. Like developing self-driving-cars and AI shopping assistants.

AI is growing rapidly

According to the report analysis from the Golden Research, by 2023 the artificial intelligence industry will be $14 billion.  In 2016, around $12 billion was invested in the artificial intelligence development all around the world.

The CTO of Wirpo KR Sanjiv says that the companies in the healthcare and finance industry are investing all the time in AI because they are scared that they will be left behind. This risk is much bigger and what the companies are doing right now is playing safe.

AI is getting even more sophisticated through the games. AI systems have been taught to learn through games. There are excellent examples for this like Elon Musk’s OpenAI and Google’s DeepMind. The systems had great results in playing strategic games like GO, Super Smash Bros and Dota2.

Regarding this facts, AI systems can make complex decisions and can drive and navigate cars. These things can easy transform into some different tasks in the future. With more research and development AI systems one day will substitute the surgeons and they will be able to process voice commands.

This is the point where some of the experts get terrified, because the world can be taken over by AI.

Anxiety from Artificial Intelligence

This issue was explored even in the movies Matrix to I, and Robot. Everything comes down to the moment when the artificial intelligence systems get smarter than the humans. It always ends with termination of the humanity or the machines take over the world. Steven Hawking shares this opinion; because once the robots get smarter than the humans, they can make powerful weapons and thus can easily destroy the humans. Humans are limited and cannot follow the development and the opportunities like those to the AI systems.

The futurist and the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX says that the artificial intelligence is risky for the human’s existence. On the one hand, Musk and Hawking support the further development, investments and research of the artificial intelligence, but on the other they agree that the regulatory agency should regulate this industry so the bad things can be avoided. Vladimir Putin, the Russian president has also given his opinion about this topic in front of the students where he mentioned that “The person who will rule this area will also rule the world”.

Elon Musk has founded a company named Neuralink so he can create brain-computer-interface. Hence the brain will be linked to a computer and it will be able to keep pace with the artificial intelligence systems.

Set Sohostak’s opinion is not that optimistic. He believes that the first generation of AI systems will do what you tell them, but the third one will have their own agenda and this seems terrifying.

There is no need to be afraid

Some of the people believe that the technology can only  improve our lives. Bill Gates said that there is no need of panic. Mark Zuckerberg as well said that Elon’s comments were inappropriate.

In 2010, Pascal Kaufmann founded a company which is called Starsmind. This company tends to develop a “superorganism” by using self-learning algorithms from thousands brains of experts. Many AI experts don’t work in AI because of the fear how computers and the brains work. Kaufmann says that first we must learn how the brain functions and then we can apply that in the development of the AI systems. This will make the AI more sophisticated and then it can be compared with the human intelligence and will improve the brain-computer interfaces. Kaufmann believes that there is certain danger, but danger exits with everything that is created of powerful technology.

The experts are also worried about the quantum computers, lasers and nuclear weapons where the technology can help and also can be harmful.

Definite Disrupter

The future cannot be predicted. Nobody knows if AI will help the humanity or it will destruct it. What we know today is that because of AI, the future world might be similar to the one that we’ve inhabited today.

Source > futurism.com

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