Artist Sat With Many Strangers For 750 Hours, But When This Man Showed Up Everybody Got Goosebumps

Artist Sat With Many Strangers For 750 Hours, But When This Man Showed Up Everybody Got Goosebumps

Marina Abramovic: The Artist Is Present; discovers so much about this amazing performance artist, but also so little about her artistic side.

In 2010, thousands of visitors have visited the museum so they can see Marina Abramovic participating in a staring contest which was part of the Modern Art exhibition “The Artist is Present”. In order to visit this” grandmother of performance art” you ought to have ticket, you have to be in NY and a lot of free time. Thousands of people waited in queues so they can see Marina’s performance.

The visitor can decide if it is about work of art, however, it is definitely a work.

In the latest documentary of Marina Abramovic: The Artist is Present, which was showed on HBO, the director Matthew Akers declines the access limitations. The movie follows Abramovic while she gets on the spot and performs her 2010 show, where young artists used to perform her older work and she released something new that can be used at Gitmo: to sit peaceful in one position, in complete silence, in a chair opposite of the museum visitors for 750 hours. It’s amazing how the movie attracted big crowd from all around Manhattan. However, it has been discovered that the couch is not the perfect place for Abramovic’s gazing confrontation. At the very beginning of Marina’s career, people were asking her “Why is this work of art? “ But Matthew’s movie didn’t manage to give a proper answer.

Performance act is one of the most inaccessible arts. Do you remember on the last episode of The Sopranos or the O.J Simpson’s verdict? If you do, you can see that every talk becomes a parody; Abravomic’s performances are often foolish, like driving car in endless circles for 16 hours. The Fox News stated that the nudity in MoMa show was impudent. Abramovic’s students have spent a weekend at her home in Hudson NY, where they were expressed in a golden light, holding and hugging trees sobbing in her presence.  It is not hard to fake performance art because it is very compelling and anyone can pretend that they understand it. When it comes to design evaluation criteria, it is really odd. The uninformed can only wonder if Abramovic’s work is worth for the achievements recognition or it is only worth for the points of imitators who followed her.

Marina Abramovic: The Artist Is Present has done a very good job with dialogue restaging or performance art members (James Franco – and adorned continental-accented guardians) and its critics (Fox News and The New York Post). Somehow, there is no opportunity for hearing what the regular people think about it: the people who came from different cities were fascinated and fanatics spent the night just to sit by Marina Abramovic. There was one man who sat 21 times in front of Marina and had tattooed this on his arm to honor his public stalking. The problem is that we never really understood why this man spent his free time doing this, and why other people who sit in front of Abramovic cry.

The movie does not have crucial question when it comes to performance art, but it discovers the artist herself. She is not extremely cold, she is warrior in sorrow, and she is deprecating herself in a sweet way. At the beginning of the performance art movement, she pointed out, that she is 63 and that she doesn’t want to be alternative. After 8 hours that she spent sitting passively, Marina started talking to her assistant how she should get the numbers of the cute guys that came to visit. Her performances are motivated from her brave childhood during the post-war in Yugoslavia. At one moment she admitted that the audience is fulfilling the lack of love for her lost parents during the war. She is a woman that likes to be noticed. According to Klaus Biesenbach, Marina is always performing and the audience is nurturing her love.

The most exciting moments of the movie are when Marina is connecting with her colleague and previous partner Ulay. They performed pieces together, where she was put on a map like Imponderablia, in which they stood naked on a doorway, making visitors from the audience to pass through and to choose who to look at. They spent one period of travelling and performing in the European villages in a van. Afterwards they broke their partnership. Both of them were waiting for approval to perform The Great Wall Walk in China, where they start to walk on the opposite ends of the Great Wall so they can meet in the middle, when Ulay impregnated the translator. He pointed out that Marina was cheating on him with one of his friends. They broke up and Abramovic described herself as 40, obese, ugly and lonely. Ulay said that Marina needed money and that’s why she didn’t cut her hair, she became fashionable and she started acting in theaters. He stated this with a feeling of hatred and admiration, as he got reconnected with his ex-girlfriend who is more prosperous.

Abramovic’s secret for success is being smart and determined which makes her different from the other performance artists who try to do the same. Do you know someone else who can sit on the chair for 3 months with no water and food? (Some of the answers regarding this question were clarified in the movie). Abramovic’s work discovers the negative side of the human nature, like the relationship among men and women and living in the claws of history. One viewer described Marina’s performance that she is one big canvas of projections and everyone can have different opinion on her work. The visitor can decide if it is about work of art, however, it is definitely a work.

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