Artist stood still for 6 hours and let people do whatever they want to her, the results are truly heartbreaking

Heartbreaking results after a Yugoslavian artist stood still for 6 hours and let people do whatever they want to her.

Marina Abramovic is a Yugoslavian performance artist, by many considered as “grandmother of performance art.”

Her performances had such an impact that people still talk about them today. One performance that with no doubt made the most impact on the public took place in 1974, in Italy at Studio Morra in Naples and was called “Rhythm 0”.

She placed 72 objects in front of her and she stood still for 6 hours. People who came to see her were encouraged to use the object and do whatever they want to her and she would take full responsibility for those actions.

Those objects included some harmless ones like flowers and feathers and dangerous ones like razor blades, knives, and even loaded gun.


The events that followed those 6 hours were simply horrific.

It started slowly and in the beginning, only photographers approached her, but after a while, people started using those objects on her.

Somewhere in the third-hour people cut all of her clothes with the razor, one person even used that razor to make a cut on her neck. She was even an object of sexual assaults.

Her response was that she felt like was raped, all her clothes were cut; she was stuck with thorns on the stomach. The sexual assaults and the violence escalated so much that after those 6 hours were over and she walked among those people, they could not look her in the eyes.

She felt like none of those people felt the need to confront her or to apologize for the action, but rather forget about what happened in those 6 hours.

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She concluded that her performance reveals a lot about humanity and mostly the dark side of it. She said that under the right circumstances one person can do so much to hurt you. If you don’t fight back someone will easily dehumanize you. And in those situations, a lot of all those ‘normal people’ will reveal how actually violent they are.

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