Avoid These Bedtime Habits If You Want to Have A Good Rest Overnight!

Avoid These Bedtime Habits If You Want to Have A Good Rest Overnight!

As you probably know, sleeping is essential for our mental and physical health. This means that interrupting it in any way can result in a host of health problems. We actually do make a lot of mistakes before going to bed in the form of dangerous bedtime habits that are slowly ruining our sleep and our wellbeing in the process as well.

Here are 12 dangerous bedtime habits we should all avoid doing:

Never Sleep with Cold Feet

Many people take off their socks or don’t cover their feet when sleeping, which is completely wrong. In fact, going to bed with cold feet prevents you from sleeping, so stop doing it if you want to get some rest.

You Don’t Have A Bedtime Routine

You might not think that a bedtime routine can help you fall asleep, but it actually can. A good bedtime routine will tell your brain when it’s time to sleep, effectively preventing lack of sleep and keeping your health in check.

Don’t Drink Coffee For 4 Hours Before Going to Bed

Caffeine is extremely bad for our sleeping cycle and will only keep you awake, so avoid drinking coffee for 3-4 hours before sleeping.

Avoid Sleeping on Your Back or Stomach

According to experts, sleeping on the left side of the body is best for our wellbeing. Stay away from sleeping on your back or stomach as it can prevent you from sleeping well overnight, robbing you of important rest.

Keep Electronic Devices Away from The Bedroom

Yes, we know that scrolling social media in bed is very attractive before going to bed, but besides destroying your eyes, the blue light from electronic devices will also prevent the brain from falling asleep, resulting in insomnia.

Don’t Read A Book Before Bed

The favorite bedtime habit of thousands of people is actually bad for your sleep. Never read a book before going to bed as it will keep your brain on full alert and prevent you from resting properly overnight.

Avoid Alarms with Bright Colors

Anything that has bright colors will only drag your attention and prevent you from getting proper rest overnight.

Don’t Drink Anything an Hour Before Sleeping

Here’s something rarely anyone was aware of: drinking any fluids an hour before going to bed can disturb your sleep and may be the reason for waking up groggy in the morning!

Avoid Afternoon Naps

Yes, taking naps in the afternoon is really attractive and help you function normally, but taking them every day can rob you of vital sleep overnight.

Don’t Eat Anything For A Few Hours Before Sleeping

Many people make the mistake of having dinner a few hours before sleeping which is completely wrong. Two hours are not enough for the digestive system to process food, which will keep you awake overnight.

Avoid Working Out 2-3 Hours Before Sleeping

Don’t hit the gym a few hours before going to bed – the adrenaline in your body will only prevent you from falling asleep and staying asleep overnight.

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