How to Avoid Toxic People and Protect Yourself from Their Negative Energies

How to Avoid Toxic People and Protect Yourself from Their Negative Energies

We’ve all met some very toxic people in our lives, they come in different disguises but their toxicity is something that radiates a mile away. They’re the sociopaths, the gossipers, the liars, the narcissists, the egoists, the manipulators and all the negative people that simply can’t help but poison you with their negativity and toxicity.

The truth is that we can’t completely avoid these people, after our they’re all in our close surroundings, they’re our colleagues, our neighbors or our family members, and sometimes socializing with them is unavoidable.  What you can do, is protect yourself from their negativity and avoid becoming a negative person yourself, which is their goal.

If you’re not careful around them, their negativity will eventually start to affect you and sooner that you know it they’ll drag you into their toxic world. That’s why we’ve prepared a list of things you shouldn’t do when around these toxic people. Remember them next time you’re around someone toxic and protect yourself from their negative energy.Top of Form

Don’t give them the attention they seek

Toxic people thrive on other people’s attention. They enjoy gatherings and parties as there are a large number of people they can take advantage of. You’ll probably notice them as they will be ones that laugh out loud or talk so loud that everyone can hear them. Avoid giving them attention and act as you don’t even notice them.

Avoid being around people who badmouth others

Badmouthing someone behind their back is one of the main personality traits of toxic people. If they start talking bad about other people and share their darkest secrets with you, it’s not that they trust you so much to reveal these things, they’re like that with everyone. Don’t be fooled and be careful as they will probably do the same to you.

Don’t open up completely in front of super nice people

Manipulators are one of the most common type of toxic people and they’re really good at making people believe they’re their best friend, acting super nice just to win them over. They will agree with everything you say, give you compliments and praise you, making you feel like a queen. If someone is being extremely nice and kind to you, you shouldn’t completely put your guard down, not until you get to know them better. If your gut tells you there’s something fishy, trust it!

If you catch them lying, have some fun

Toxic people lie, that’s what they know best. However, not everyone is a master in lying and every once in a while you may run into someone who’s not so good at it. When you catch them in a lie, don’t confront them immediately, it may make them hostile. You can try and go along with their game, just for fun. Watch as their story falls apart and as they struggle to come up with new lies to cover it up. Just go along and watch how far they’re willing to go!

Don’t pay attention to their insults and negativity

They will try to bring you down with insults and bad words, don’t get to their level and talk them back. Just ignore them and move along. Try not to get affected by what they’re saying because deep down you know that they’re only saying it to hurt you. Their bad words have more to do with their own fears and insecurities than they have to do with you.

Don’t get wrapped in their self-pity

When you see someone drowned in their self-pity and acting like a victim of their unfortunate life, know that you’re dealing with a toxic person. They use this as a conversation started and before you know it they’ll suck you into their miserable reality.

Don’t let them smother you with their whining and complaining about how life isn’t fair. If you listen to them and let them continue, you’ll just encourage them more. Sooner or later they’ll drag you down with them, which is why you need to try and avoid them as much as you can. If avoiding them is impossible, don’t participate in their conversation. Don’t give your opinion on their subject, talk less and act as you simply don’t care, they’ll be off to the next victim in no time.

Don’t play their mind games

Toxic people enjoy mind games because that’s how they try and manipulate other people. They’ll make your mind a mess and enjoy to watch the fruits of their hard labor. Be direct with them and call them up on their bulls*it. Be straightforward and just let them know you’re onto them. When they realize they can’t mess with you, they’ll move on to the next victim.

Focus on finding a solution

Toxic people will always find someone to blame whenever a problem arises, it’s what they do best. It’s much easier to find someone to blame than to actually look for a solution for the problem.

If you find yourself in such a situation, focus on finding a constructive solution for it and not on finding the guilty person. Trying to blame someone will not solve the problem, it may even make it worse.

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