4 Kinds of Soul Mates That You’ll Meet in Your Life

4 Kinds of the best Soul Mates That You’ll Meet in Your Life

Here is the guideline for each of them

According to Elizabeth Gilbert, the real soul mate is the one who will appear in your life and will make all your insecurities and wonderings disappear.  She believes that sharing the life together with your soul mate is not forever. They appear just to discover the new you and then they are gone.

It is very common that things always happen when you least expect it. It is the same with the soul mates. They are the “other” you. You can see all your flaws and imperfections in another person. Elizabeth says that during our lives, we meet different kind of soul mates, and based on the previous experiences that we have, we can finally have more serious and deeper connection.

These are the 4 types of soul mates that she identified:

  1. Healing Soul Mates

Are you familiar with that part of your life, when someone runs into and have the perfect lecture and comfort to offer?  When you needed someone who can understand you and someone to talk to, the healing soul mates appear at the right moment. They are type of friends who are helping us to overcome the past and move forward.

How to discover one?

This kind of soul mate often appears when you are facing the above mentioned problems, like problems from the past, thus the friendship intensifies.

How to keep this relationship?

This friendship will not continue if the soul mates don’t respect each other and don’t give the time and space when they need it. This connection looks like the one of the siblings or it can even be a romantic one.  Like everything else in our lives it can have its flaws and good moments, but if you don’t take it for granted it can be very prolific.

  1. Past- Life Soul Mates

These people know each other for a long period and have been soul mates in the past. That’s why the connection is deeper and they feel comfortable. You might have the feeling that this is your best friend and no matter what happens this friendship will last for a lifetime.

On the one hand, you are not obliged to do anything and you will feel careless, but on the other this type of friendship is very important for your personal development. You will finally meet the person to whom you can tell everything and a soul mate who will never judge you.

These friends will help you overcome the obstacles in your life without any pain and prejudice. In most of the cases the relationship failed to become romantic, because of the thought of losing something very important: the friendship; and of course there might be a lack of physical attraction.

How to discover one?

When you feel comfortable of whom you are, you won’t find difficult to tell what has been holding you back and you won’t keep secrets in front of these soul mates. They always wish you the best and they will always help you to be happy.

How to keep this relationship?

You should be more focused and somehow you must show that you are thinking of your soul mate.  You can contact them by your phone or an email, just to show that you appreciate for having them in your life.  These soul mates often bring fun and love in your life and they appear and disappear when they need to be directed.  Although you might think they are not that important, they are the key factors for your personal development.

  1. Karmic soul mates

Just like with the previous soul mates, you share something from the past with these one as well. These types of relationships are very deep, but unfortunately painful and karmic, with lots of ego issues.  The both soul mates must overcome the problem with the go so they can keep the relationship.

How to discover one?

Karmic soul mates have perfect connection. They both have the same feeling when they are facing with something very deep or emotional. It is believed that these soul mates relive karma so they can terminate the negativity.

How to keep this relationship?

A positive attitude, not being selfish and always engaging for improving things for the both will not only keep, but also strengthen this relationship.  Giving and sharing your love, kindness and understating will make this soul mate to feel the same as you.

  1. Twin Flames

Have you heard the term “perfect match”? This is exactly what are we going to talk about. These soul mates complete each other. They always do the things together; think alike and they even act alike. This relationship goes beyond the ego.  Meeting a twin flame will give you the picture of a perfect relationship.  Not everyone will have the opportunity to meet a twin flame, but if you do you will definitely enjoy this relationship.

How to discover one?

When you meet this soul mate you will feel so connected that you won’t be able to be apart. Twin flames are known for mutual decision making.

How to keep this relationship?

Being honest is the key factor in this relationship. You will feel better and you can communicate easy. The twin flames can sometimes end with heartbreak, but the chances to change the karma of the relationship are very big.  Every relationship that you have been into and every experience is not a failure. If it ended it doesn’t mean that you only lost someone. You’ve learnt something and you are richer now with more experiences, you can freely move forward and love again.

Source > mindbodygreen.com

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