It’s Better to End Up Alone Than with Someone Who Does These 7 Things

It’s Better to End Up Alone Than with Someone Who Does These 7 Things

We’ve all been taught to always search for true love in life, genuine, pure, unconditional love and never give up until we find it. We know that true love exists and that we’re bound to find it sooner or later, but many of us get disappointed after a number of trial and errors and decide to settle for something less, something that doesn’t fulfill us and eventually makes us unsatisfied in life.

You need to understand that you should never settle for anything less than ideal, anything less than perfect, anything less than true love and happiness. True love is a profound, spiritual connection between two people who’re meant to spend their life together. You should never settle for a relationship with someone who’s immature, who doesn’t respect you, who doesn’t appreciate you and who simply doesn’t love you the way he should.

It’s better to end up alone than with a guy who doesn’t deserve you and a guy who…

Hides his true feelings

Because you’re not in this relationship for playing games. You need a man who’s mature enough to make a commitment and stand by you. You need a man who will be willing to open up completely and share his deepest secrets and emotions with you. You need someone who will share everything with you and will let you see his vulnerable side as well. You need someone who will be by your side for better and for worse.

Doesn’t respect what you two have

You don’t need a guy who doesn’t value your love and doesn’t respect your relationship. You shouldn’t waste your time with someone who is so self-centered that doesn’t see pass his nose. You need a person who will show you how much you mean to him and prove to you that you’re the only one he cares about.

Isn’t invested in your relationship

Half-assed love is definitely not something that you need nor want. A fake relationship that you simply can’t define, that makes you question yourself and what you have is not going to make you happy. The guy who doesn’t seem like he cares about what happens with the two of you, someone who doesn’t want to be bothered with commitments and obligations is not a guy who’s going to make you happy.

Discourages you and makes you feel worthless

You don’t need a guy who will make you feel bad about yourself all the time. Someone who belittles you and puts you down will only make you unhappy. You don’ need a guy who will discourage you from following your dreams and who’ll cut your wings. You need to feel free, you need to believe in yourself and you need someone who will support you in everything you want to do. It’s better to be alone than with someone who will shush you and make you feel worthless.

Doesn’t take responsibility for his actions

You need to be with someone who can admit his mistakes and apologize when he knows he’s made a mistake. You need someone who will man up and own up to his mistakes and not someone who will find excuses for everything he does.

Blames you for everything bad that happens

You don’t need someone who will criticize you all the time and accuse you for everything bad that happens. You don’t need someone who believes that you’re at fault for every problem that happens, that you’re the one who always makes things complicated.

Is a control freak

You’re your own person and there’s no one who can tell you what to do with your life. If you’re with someone who wants to control every aspect of your life, someone doesn’t allow you to do what you want or what you need in life, you need to end things. You’re the only one who can make your own destiny and you shouldn’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

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