Here’s What Your Birth Month Reveals About Your Personality!

Here’s What Your Birth Month Reveals About Your Personality!

Did you know that your birth month can actually reveal a number of things about your personality? Many people don’t pay much attention to the month in which they were born, but it can actually tell them a great deal about themselves. If you’d like to learn a bit more about yourself, here’s what the month in which you were born can tell you.


You’re serious, driven and not very emotional. You’re organized, productive and hard working. You’re smart and love to teach others. You’re loyal but can be critical sometimes.

You know how to make others feel good about themselves. You can be reserved and quiet unless you’re excited or annoyed. Your social skills are admirable but you are known to be jealous. You’re a romantic but you’re not good at expressing your emotions. You love children.


You’re clever and ambitious. You’re prone to abstract thoughts. You’re moody and very sensitive. You’re sexy and attractive. You’re volatile and get angry easy, but you keep it to yourself.

You’re driven and want to realize your dreams and hopes. You’re stubborn and adventurous. You love having fun and know how to do it. You can be superstitious and even sound ludicrous at times.


You’re generous and sympathetic and honest by heart. You’re affectionate but reserved and shy. You’re attractive and sexy and people love you. You love the peace and quiet and can get angry easily. You love travelling and attention. You can appreciate other people’s kindness and return it with the same measure.

You love fantasizing and day-dreaming. You can hold a grudge. You’re talented musically and have an affection for special things.


You love yourself and have a strong mentality. You love being in the center of attention and people find you attractive. You’re diplomatic, dynamic and active. You’re adventurous, brave and almost fearless.

You’re emotional and caring but you can be aggressive at times. You have good memory skills and can solve other people’s problems easily.


You’re beautiful on the inside and out and this easily attracts people. You love being in the center of attention and you often are. You’re emotional and stubborn. You’re strong and motivated and you have a sharp mind.

You love to dream and have a vivid imagination. You love reading and arts and don’t like being inside for too long. You’re hard-working and dedicated to your job.


You’re sensitive, polite and soft spoken. You have a vision and many good ideas. Your mind is always working and this gets you places. You can be choosy and want the best for yourself. You have a good sense of humor and are sometimes temperamental.

You’re friendly and talkative. You’re a daydreamer and can get hurt easily. You make friends easily and people usually love you. You have a sense of style and fashion.


You care about other people’s feelings and are emotional. You’re honest, friendly and caring. You’re fun and humorous. You’re forgiving but you don’t easily forget. You don’t seek revenge when your feelings are hurt, which can happen a lot. You’re proud and unpredictable and you’re moody.

You don’t judge people and treat everyone the same. You like the peace and quiet of your own company and enjoy being alone. You’re not aggressive and you love to be loved.


You’re brave and adventurous. You’re attractive and need people’s praises. You’re generous but sometimes egoistic. You’re a born leader with a firm, but steady hand. You can easily get angry and jealous. You’re a joker with a one-of-a-kind spirit. You’re a quick thinker and have independent thoughts. You’re romantic, caring and loving. You’re friendly and a good listener.


You’re well-organized and careful in your affairs. You spot other people’s mistakes and point them out to them. You can be stubborn, but you’re kind and sympathetic. You’re cool-headed and calm, rational and confident. You’re loyal and sensitive.

You’re clever and have good memory. You almost never express your emotions but you’re fun to be with. You love the outdoors and have a thirst for knowledge. You can be choosy when it comes to partners.


You’re beautiful inside and out. You can get angry easily but that doesn’t stop you from making friends. You love the people that love you back. You can lie but you never pretend.

You don’t care what others think about you. You’re a daydreamer and have a strong will of power. You love travelling and arts. You can be touchy and get jealous easily. You’re emotional and love children. You’re confident but it doesn’t take much to rock that confidence up.


You’re brilliant and have a unique mind, full of extraordinary ideas. You’re sharp-minded and dynamic. You have clairvoyant affinities and you’re secretive by nature. You’re patient and loyal.

You’re lovable but you don’t talk too much. You’re determined and even stubborn at times, you simply don’t give up. You’re a romantic with deep emotions and an inability to control them. You’re not confident in your relationships and you can be unpredictable at times.


You’re loyal and generous, but impatient and moody. You’re fun to be around and always the soul of the party. You can be influential and ambitious which often makes you successful in your job. You love attention and praises.

You never pretend and are honest. You can be trusted and this makes you proud. You are humorous and love to joke.

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