Your Birth Month Reveals the Type of Person You Are

Your Birth Month Reveals the Type of Person You Are

If you want to find out a bit more about your character and personality traits, here’s what your birth month can tell you:


Women born in January are mainly conservative and serious. They’re highly ambitious and tend to be judgmental and critical. They almost never get angry or nervous, but when they do, you want to steer clear of them.  They tend to be closed and reserved and often shy away from people. In order to get them to open up a bit you need to put in an extra effort.

They want to present themselves as tough and impenetrable and don’t like people to see them vulnerable.


Women born in February have a rather abstract thought process and mercurial mood, meaning you need to handle them with extreme patience. They’re hopeless romantics and would do anything in their power to make their partners happy and satisfied. However, if you betray their trust, they will never give you a second chance, you’ll be written off their book for good.


Women born in March are extremely temperamental, if you make them mad they will end you. However, if you’re on their good side, they will show you dedication and care and will make your life joyful and entertaining. They’re charming and lovely so it’s super easy to fall for them bad. But don’t play games with them, they will see right through them and kick you out of their life.


Women born in April are good mediators and have a diplomatic character. They excel in their communication skills and get along with people easily. But are prone to self-pity and can be envious at times as a result of their own insecurities. This also makes them crazy jealous at times so if you catch them in a moment like this, be sure to steer clear of them. But if you show them patience and love, these women will make your life happy and fulfilled.


Women born in May stick to their principles and will never back down from what they’ve set forth, which makes them a bit difficult. But if you can put up with their principles and obey them, these women will give you everything you’ve ever wanted from a partner.


Women born in June are communicative, open-minded, creative and curious by nature. They can also be rather straight-forwards and will not think twice about giving you the hard truth to your face. They respect when someone treats them the same way as well.


Women born in July are quite reserved and keep to themselves, they don’t let people in their lives so easily. But this mysterious side makes them that much more attractive and adds to their charm.

They’re also humble and honest, even though they’re almost always superior to their peers. They can be loyal and loving, but if you wrong them, you’ll never get a second chance, so be careful with them.


Women born in August have a big heart and an even bigger ego which is only rivaled by their desire to always be on the winning team. They have an excellent sense of humor but don’t like to be mocked. If you mess with them, expect to be messed with twice as harder. They love to be in the center of attention and seek other people’s approval. Men can go crazy after a girl born in August.


Women born in September are disciplined and kind and they despise betrayals. They want long relationships but are rarely willing to do their part to make it happen. When you start something with these women, expect to give more than what you receive in return. They are almost never self-critical which makes it difficult to have a constructive argument with them


Women born in October are strong and will never let anyone see them upset, sad or crying. But they can be rather emotional, which makes the situation that much more difficult.

They’re intelligent and wise and there’s nothing you can do that will surprise their insightful mind. Other women often envy them for their intelligence and wit.


Women born in November will always be one step ahead of you, coming to a conclusion far before anyone else does. They are excellent at reading people’s character and will call you out on your lies whenever they sniff it out, which is almost always. Never take a November woman lightly and always expect to hear the harsh truth straight to your face.


And lastly, women born in December are extremely lucky, they almost always come out as winners. They’re also hasty and impatient, which can be the downside of their character. They’re fun to be around and can make you feel better in an instant. A December girl will never let you feel bored, she’s the girl that always wants to have fun.

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