Find Out What Your Birth Month Reveals About Your Personality

Find Out What Your Birth Month Reveals About Your Personality

Did you know that your birth month can tell you a great deal about you as a person? It can reveal some of your biggest strengths and weaknesses, your main personality traits and much more.

If you want to know what your birth month says about your personality read on and prepare to be surprised:


People born in January are serious and ambitious. They like to criticize, teach others and be taught. They’re productive, hard-working and organized. They’re also sensitive and loyal and know how to make people happy. They’re romantics at heart but have a hard time expressing their emotions. They’re also sociable and love children.


People born in February are prone to abstract thinking and are clever and intelligent. They’re good-looking, sexy and ambitious. They always follow their dreams and most often accomplish them. They’re sensitive and can easily get hurt. They’re quite moody and temperamental and they love their freedom. They can be quite shy and quiet when around people they don’t know. They’re also quite stubborn and can easily get angry.


People born in March are honest at heart, generous and affectionate. They’re also quite attractive in general and many people consider them sexy. They’re reserved and shy and they love their peace and quiet. They’re easily angered and prone to revengeful thoughts. They’re dreamers and fantasizers.


People born in April are attention seekers. They have a strong mentality and are very dynamic and active. They’re diplomatic, friendly and are good at resolving other people’s problems. They’re adventurous and brave, but can come off as aggressive at times. They’re also emotional and caring, have a good memory and have a tremendous affection to themselves.


People born in May are beautiful on the inside and out. They’re attractive and enjoy the attention their appearance gives them. They’re stubborn and strong willed and there’s nothing they couldn’t achieve, once they put their head to it. They’re imaginative and quite the dreamers as well.


People born in June are polite and sensitive ad they would never say anything to hurt your feelings. They’re quite active and have a ton of ideas, always thinking about their next big thing. They’re temperamental and have a good sense of humor. They’re friendly and easily make friends. Their sensitivity makes them easily hurt and hard to recover afterwards.


People born in July are honest, loving and caring. They think about other people’s feelings and would never hurt anyone intentionally. They’re proud and moody. They can forgive easily but won’t forget your mistakes. They’re fun to be around and unpredictable. They’re almost never aggressive but if you provoke them you will feel their wrath. They love solitude and their alone time.


People born in August are brave, attractive and fearless. They’re firm and born leaders, love to be praised and love to joke. They have an amazing spirit and are generous at heart. They’re also careful and quick on their feet. They love to dream and are independent. They’re caring, loving and true romantics.


People born in September are organized, careful and cautious. They enjoy showing other people’s mistakes, but they do it in a kind and sympathetic manner. They’re quite stubborn at times, loyal and talkative. They’re confident and intelligent. They love the outdoors and are fun to be around.


People born in October are beautiful on the inside and out. They always put their friends first and they love the people that love them back. They’re emotional and can easily get hurt but they’re quick to bounce back. They easily make friends and never care about what other people think about them. They’re decisive and adventurous and love to travel the world.


People born in November are brilliant. They’re unique characters and have amazing ideas. They’re sharp-minded and dynamic, but can be patient when it’s needed. They’re not very talkative but they are kind and friendly. They’re also quite stubborn and can be hard-headed. They feel deeply and are romantic and emotional when it comes to matters of the heart.


People born in December are hasty and impatient but are generous and loyal. They love interactive games and socializing with people. They’re ambitious and driven and can achieve anything they imagine. They have a good sense of humor and are fun to be around.

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