What Birthday Are You? It Reveals A Lot About Your Personality!

What Birthday Are You? It Reveals A Lot About Your Personality!

Let us ask you something – what’s your birth month? You may not see it as anything important, but in the past, many people knew that our birth month can say a lot about our personality.

Your birth date and month are actually related to different animals – what animal you overlap with can tell a lot about your character. Here’s how to determine it:

January 1-9 – Dog

January 10-24 – Mouse

January 25-31 – Lion

February 1-5 – Cat

February 6-14 – Dove

February 15-21 – Turtle

February 22-28 – Panther

 March 1-12 – Monkey

March 13-15 – Lion

March 16-23 – Mouse

March 24-31 – Cat

 April 1-3 – Dog

April 4-14 – Panther

April 15-26 – Mouse

April 27-30 – Turtle

 May 1-13 – Monkey

May 14-21 – Dove

May 22-31 – Lion

 June 1-3 – Mouse

June 4-14 – Turtle

June 15-20 – Dog

June 21-24 – Monkey

 July 1-9 – Mouse

July 10-15 – Dog

July 16-26 – Dove

July 27-31 – Cat

 August 1-15 – Monkey

August 16-25 – Mouse

August 26-31 – Turtle

 September 1-14 – Turtle

September 15-27 – Cat

September 28-30 – Dog

 October 1-15 – Monkey

October 16-27 – Turtle

October 28-31 – Panther

 November 1-16 – Lion

November 17-30 – Cat

December 1-16 – Dog

December 17-25 – Monkey

December 26-31 – Dove

Here’s what each of these animals means:


If you are born in the sign of the dog, you’re a sweet and loyal person. You’re also hard-working, honest and sincere and most important of all, down to earth. This is why your friends and family love you.

You have great taste in clothes and always follow the latest trends. You’re quite popular and extrovert, and you have quite a small group of selected friends.


People born in the sign of the mouse are always scheming – they have a mischievous side that often gets the better of them. It also makes them cute and attractive as there’s no dull moment with you.

On the other hand, you are sensitive and introverted, and can easily get mad.


Lions are not enraged like the king of the jungle – in fact, you’re quite peaceful. It’s best for you to avoid stressful situations as you easily enter fight mode. You’re an adventurous soul who can’t sit in one spot for a longer period. People born in the sign of the lion are natural-born leaders who are loved by those around them. You love the spotlight and never shy away from the public.


Those born in the sign of the cat are shy, adorable, and witty. You prefer to stay in the shadows then go out in the spotlight. You love exploring stuff, however, and you’re meticulous about it.

On the other side of things, you can get pretty angry at times. You’re a fashionista who always follows trends – some people even consider you a fashion icon! You’re a person who mingles freely but is wary of strangers. People feel comfortable around you, but you aren’t making friends easily.


These people are simply nice and kind of heart and always look for the most peaceful solution to any problem. You always say things directly to people’s faces and your friends respect you for it. You can give love without expecting anything in return – you’re generous in this way, which is the reason you’re so popular.


Those born in the sign of the dove have a happy-go-lucky approach to life. You never ‘go with the flow’ – you just spread cheer everywhere you appear! These people are often leaders and can be a great shoulder to cry on. You don’t like hypocrites, so you try to stay away from them. You’re an organized and methodical person at work and fall easily in love, which can be dangerous.


People born in the sign of the panther are mysterious and fierce. They can handle pressure with ease without going mad. They can be mean and love to gossip with a selected group of friends. They want things to go their way even if it’s not possible sometimes. This can lead to broken relationships, but you’re otherwise a person who can help people in tight spots.


Finally, those born in the sign of the monkey are impatient and hyperactive, just like monkeys. They are quite simple really and love to be in the spotlight. If you’ve been born in this sign, you’re pretty unique. However, you’re also pretty panicky whenever your name comes up. So, whenever you notice that something’s wrong, you should do everything you can to avoid falling into the trap.

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