Your Blood Sugar Will be Tracked by the Next Version of Apple Watches

Your Blood Sugar Will be Tracked by the Next Version of Apple Watches

The prototype of the newest Apple Watch is seen on the CEO of Apple, Tim Cook’s hand, while walking through the campus of the company. A blood sugar monitor is very likely to appear on this new version. This will be of a huge help for many people around the world who have diabetes.

The selling of the Apple Watch was not going according to company’s plans. The company waited for a while to present the numbers of sales of their smart watches. After a while, the watch was fully accepted by the people and increased its popularity. It is believed that not so far from now, the watch is going to be a life-changer.

A report by CNCB stated that this newest version, has a glucose/blood monitor attached on the watch’s screen, and it was spotted on the CEO Tim Cook somewhere within the campus. The Apple Watch will potentially have this prototype included in the item, and probably will create a way to check blood sugar, without being invasive. Other than this statement by CNCB, the constant wearing of this item with glucose monitor was mentioned by Tim Cook himself, while attending the ceremony at the University of Glasgow. The ceremony was held last February.

Even 422 million people are diagnosed with diabetes. This number makes the diabetes the most common disease in the world. At this point, having a smartwatch that will have the functions to monitor the levels of glucose is considered to be a great improvement, by reducing the traditional, invasive, and ‘thorny’ methods of monitoring blood sugar.

However, Apple is not the only company in the world that works on improving the helpful methods for monitoring diabetes. Some other researchers have stated that there are smart contact lenses that are created to monitor the levels of glucose and regulate the medication. Other than this, there is an app that manages the producing of the insulin sells by only using a smartphone. This summarizes the facts that the technology plays a massive role and is of a great contribution to the medicine.

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