Cats Have Been Protecting Your Homes from Negative Spirits…and Ghosts!

Cats Have Been Protecting Your Homes from Negative Spirits…and Ghosts!

The Most Amazing and Magical Animals in the Whole World – the Cats

Cats have the biggest animal aura in the world. Their family, the home they live in, even the territory of domination and commitment are included in their aura.

Cats are known to have an astral force. You should know that the rubbing they do on your legs does not always mean that they are trying to get something from you. It can only mean that they share their magic with you. All of this is called astral force.

Don’t try to push them away with some words like, “go away” or “get out”. That way you are only blocking them to give you their positive energy.

It will hurt them so much that the next time, they will refuse to share the energy with you, and also they will try to take yours, too.

Some houses have a lot of negative energy inside. By entering the house, the cats tear up the negative one, and produce a very positive energy. They are also protecting your home from the possible entering of evil spirits.

You might consider getting a cat if you buy a home where other people lived in and experienced bad things.

Evil spirits and ghosts

Cats always follow spirits if they sense them. The purpose of their following is to see whether the spirit has bad intentions or not. The cats have energy field which they use to threaten the spirits which have bad intentions. The cats don’t want to feel threatened in their own territory.

The cats can sometimes put the spirit in its energy field’s trap and lead it outside. Some traditions have mentioned things like spirits riding the cat or flying on them.

If your cat always goes to a particular place or corner of your house, be careful. It might be following or seeing something that we, the humans, are unable to see it.

Is it a sign of a presence of devil?

Rituals of cleansing and praying can help you get rid of the evil spirits. Burning White Sage can also help you to get rid of the spirits or the negative energy, in case you don’t know how to pray.

Negative energy can be easily chased by the cat’s astral field. It is very strong. That’s why, many people who are involved in some communications with spirits don’t want to have cats in the same place where the ritual takes place.

Scaring the astral beings

But, sometimes it is encouraging to have the presence of the cat during the rituals.

The cat and the house

Moreover, when you have a cat near you, you can be sure that you will be protected from any curse or evil eyes.

But if you want to find out whether you are exposed to evil eyes or are having a negative conversation with a person, you should lay your left hand on the cat’s neck and the right hand on her tail. In this position you will be fully connected to the cat and your energies will combine. Then, you will create a collision in one force field.

Geopathogenic zones are considered to have the strongest energy. Cats enjoy being there. In fact, the cats will always produce positive energy if you allow them to do so. That’s why they influence in your family’s prosperity.

The geopathogenic zones are cat’s favorite places because they can ‘heal’ the negative energy in them and replaced it with a positive one.

It is not a coincidence that the Russians always let a cat to enter the house when they move to a new one.

They too, believed that the cat will absorb all the negative energy and got it away in cases where the house is old.

In cases where the house is new, the cat produces the ‘ransom’ which basically is the powerful energy spread around.

Cat healing

Cats play a big and very important role in healing. Some people believe that no matter of the breed of the cat or the color of their eyes, cat can heal their masters. In fact, if you have a stomach ache, you should just put your cat on your stomach and it will make the pain go away. Cats are also considered to treat mental and emotional illness. They can also heal your vision.

Cats with inner features can influence the psycho-emotional activities of the human.

Cat colors define the cat’s power

The people who tend to use the cat’s healing, magical or any sort of power, have to understand the process of choosing a cat.

Some people may need a black cat while the others may need a red-haired one. Both ways they have to be sure of what kind of their future cat’s color.

Black Cats – magic which is deep, witchcraft, very protective, mystical powers!

These cats will definitely take all the negative energy in your home. They will even reduce the possible trouble that might be caused inside your house.

Red Cats-they have a lot of Yang energy, are considered to be moon witches, have a masculine power, and the sun power!

What mostly relates to these cats is the power of money, the wealth and the determination.

Blue or Gray Cats- these cats will definitely produce happiness along with love, luck and stability. They bring emotional and physical peace.

White Cats- well, these are the cats that will deliver a beautiful sense and stress relief. Their energy can put you down in a calm place and you will feel recharged.

Siamese Cats- this color is also known as the royal color. These cats are jealous and they defense their color in every moment.

They are related to the Yan energy and deliver success along with fame.

Calico Cats- These cats have combination of three colors. The can be with white parts called maiden, dark black or the color of the magic and red which represent the motherhood and the fatherhood side.

Calico cats are considered to be good luck and they also protect the family from potential bad things.

Cats with Two Tones- These cats are the friendliest of all the others. They are open to wisdomness and understanding.

Tortoiseshell Cats- The color of these cats is feminine. They are related to the woman’s magic and power. They heal!

Golden Cats- The cats that have solar magic and can lead you to old age wisdom. They are very joyous and playful.

Tabby Cats- It is the Cheshire cat that smiles. It represents the good luck, cheerfulness and humorous attitude.

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