A Mysterious Child From Russia Reveals Staggering Truths About Humanity And Planetary System

A Mysterious Child From Russia Reveals Staggering Truths About Humanity And Planetary System

A very mysterious young boy from Russia revealed very disturbing truths about planets and humanity. His name is Boris Kipriyanovich, also known as Boriska. He truly is one of a kind. He’s mental development is unlike any other. His parents are confused how he managed to learn everything about the space and the history of humanity. He would sit in a Padmasana position and tell his parents very unusual stories about ancient civilizations, lost islands and some very strange facts about life in other planets. His “superpowers” were noticed by his parents when he was born. He was able to do many things before 4 years old that many kids don’t do until they’re 10. Being able to draw, read, learn and even speak fluently many languages at the age of 2, was very both concerning and mysterious for all of his teachers and parents. He revealed truths about forgotten Lemurian civilization which is gone for centuries.

His favorite subject however is space. He has made claims that made the whole humanity question their existence. Boris said that human life doesn’t end, it just changes it shape. We as human beings never actually die, we just change our shapes and forms, we’re destined for eternity.

Next thing he “dropped” is that people like us live normally on mars, they breathe carbon dioxide. According to Boriska, the reason for our aging is the oxygen. He continued to talk about ancient mysteries connected with mars. The wars people had there, how his previous life there ended up during some kind of nuclear war, as he didn’t manage to survive that but other did and they still live up there.

However, it seems that his “superpowers” drain his energy, so since he was age 4, he goes to a place in Russia called Medvedetskaya Gryada or the City of Bears. It is around 30kms near his hometown Zhirinovsk in southern Russia. It is the only place where he can regain his strength to use his superpowers, and he tends to visit this place very often. It still remains mystery about how this child got his superpowers, but on the link below you can see the interview and learn a few things more about Boris.

Source > truthcommand.com

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