China Stands Against Pollution: 40% of Factories Shut

China Stands Against Pollution: 40% of Factories Shut

China is closing thousands of factories in a massive attempt to curb the country’s disastrous pollution, since most of them have been violating the standards on emission.

Safety inspectors have closed almost 40% of the factories in China and have charged officials in 80,000 factories with criminal offences for violating emission regulations.

This campaign has been going on for months and concurs with China’s Communist Party program issued this week, which plans to decrease the amount of dangerous PM2.5 particles from 43 mg/m3 in 2016 to 35 mg/m3 by 2035.

According to Chinese Minister of Environmental Protection, it will be extremely arduous to achieve the goal, and everyone needs to invest some effort for it to be reached.

China has been trying to fight domestic pollution since 2013 when there were 10 measures announced for cleaning up the air and reducing the emission from heavy industries by 30% until 2017.

In order to meet the targets, China has started sending inspections during the past year or two across various provinces, making sure that companies are not violating the emission regulations.

Gary Huang, founder of 80/20 Sourcing told NPR (National Public Radio) that the inspectors are actually paying surprise visits. They issue fines for companies on daily basis, in some more severe cases criminal offences are issued and even people incarcerated.

Despite the Chinese government claiming that this won’t hurt the country’s economic growth, the end result will not be as grand as expected.

China hopes that by suppressing polluters it will have cleaner water and clearer air, as well as enjoy the benefits of ecology.

Yang Weimin, Deputy Director of the Office of the Central Leading Group on Financial and Economic Affairs, in an interview with New York Times said that the leaders and staff in areas which have suffered most severe pollution will be held accountable for life, saying that the main objective is to provide people with opportunity to see the stars and hear birds chirping again.

During winters in past years, officials were instructed to close only a few factories or power-plants at a time, but with 2017 near the end, China is shutting down polluting power-plants at a faster rate according to Li, who also announced that the campaigns will become recurring mechanisms since they have proven to be effective.

It is still not clear how will the Chinese industrial sector move forward past 2017.

Polluters are still getting accustomed to the newly enforced regimes, and though many companies find it hard to operate these days, many believe that the industry as a whole will adjust to improved and wiser ways of working which won’t put Chinese air in danger, or the whole planet.

As President of MKT & Associates, LTD, Michael D. Crotty told NPR, this is a very serious thing, and many believe that it will be the new “normal”, since China’s consumers are not willing to see blue or red rivers anymore, and they’ve had enough of watching gray skies every day.

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