Leaving a Coin in In the Freezer May Sound Like A Silly Idea Until You Learn This!

Leaving a Coin in In the Freezer May Sound Like A Silly Idea Until You Learn This!

Digital clocks have replaced their analog counterparts a long time ago. They are now built in different pieces of technology in our home, so we don’t have to rely on batteries in order to tell the time. There is, however, one problem with digital clocks – they are only reliable until there’s electricity. If a power outage strikes, they won’t show the right time and you have to set the time yourself. If you live in an area with frequent power outages, it can become pretty irritating.

Another problem is that you don’t have a clue how long the outage lasted. You just see the reset clock on the fridge, hoping that it wasn’t days so everything’s thawed and rotten. Even if the electricity comes back after a few hours, the food freezes again, which is a big problem, as some foods go bad quickly. This can lead to salmonella and other dangerous bacteria getting spread quickly, raising the risk of infection.

Fortunately, there’s a simple trick that can prevent your food from going bad when there’s no electricity. The same trick will help you determine whether the food has been defrosted due to hours of no electricity. You’ll only need a cup, water, and a coin.

Pour the water in a bowl and leave it in your freezer. Let it freeze overnight, then put a coin on top. When you come back home after traveling abroad, check the bowl – if the coin is still on top, everything’s fine. If it’s at the bottom, however, there was no electricity for several hours, so the food has probably gone bad.

Nifty trick, isn’t it? Here’s a video showing what you need to do:

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