Can the Color of Your Eyes Reveal Anything About Your Personality?

Can the Color of Your Eyes Reveal Anything About Your Personality?

The eyes are the first thing we notice when looking at a person. The eye color pops out first and plays a huge part in our attraction toward that person. However, the color of our eyes isn’t just important for aesthetic reasons. As a matter of fact, the eye color can reveal nearly all our personality traits!

Let’s see what each eye color reveals:


The brown eye color is the most common eye color in the world. People with light brown eyes are polite, independent, and caring. They are ready to kill for the person they love and always focus on the small things in life which make them happy. However, one negative trait is that they often follow their heart instead of their mind, which can be problematic.


People with black eyes are extremely rare. They are considered responsible, trustworthy, and loyal to their partners. They are hard-working and passionate about their work – in fact, some of them are workaholics.


People with grey eyes are natural-born leaders who are very confident in their abilities. They are passionate about their work and very gentle and caring. They are emotionally strong and their strong work ethic is what makes them so successful in their profession.


Those born with hazel-colored eyes are quite adventurous and always ready to party. These people get excited by new ideas as they just can’t stick to a routine. However, they can rarely control their anger, which doesn’t exactly make them the best partners. If you learn how to handle them, however, you will have a successful relationship.


Green-eyed people have strong inner feelings and live their life to the fullest. Green is a pretty intense color, just like the lives these people lead. They are positive for the most part, but when they enter a negative mood, it can get contagious.


People with blue eye color are quite popular and energetic. They are pretty funny and try to make others happy – entertainment is in their blood. They are very loyal and strongly committed to a relationship. If you’re going out with a blue-eyed boy or girl, there’s a great chance they might be the one.

What color are your eyes? Are these descriptions true in your case? We’d love to hear your thoughts!

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