What Crystal Will You Choose? The Answer Will Reveal Your Future!

What Crystal Will You Choose? The Answer Will Reveal Your Future!

Do you believe in the power of crystals? Take a look at these 4 and pick your favorite. Some will like the shape of one of the crystals, while others will choose theirs by the color.

No matter what you found attractive, identify your crystal and take a look at how your choice influences your future.

1. Citrine Crystal

If you picked the citrine crystal, it’s a reminder that you need to create your own reality. Don’t doubt your abilities and dreams – whenever you do, remember that you’re a smart, passionate and brave person who can do anything when you set your mind on it. Just visualize your goals in your head and start walking toward it.

Sometimes, imagining the whole path is simply not possible and that’s OK. Just take the first step and follow the road with a positive attitude and the rest of the path will sort itself out.

2. Jade Crystal

Whenever you think about your past, you feel sad. When you feel bad, it’s because you spend a lot of time overanalyzing the future. This can be mentally exhausting, so you need to let it go as the past and future are nothing but mental projections of what once was or what may never be. The reality that matters is here and now and you should make the most out of it.

The jade crystal is a reminder that you can’t do anything to change the past, but you can live in the present and move toward the future. If you picked this crystal, it’s a reminder that you need to relax and thank the past for the foundations it offered. The lessons that you’ve learned have been valuable, but now it’s time to move on.

3. Rose Quartz Crystal

People who pick the rose quartz crystal know that a desire and devotion for success are of vital importance if you want to be successful. Put your whole being into everything you do but stay patient and go with the flow of life. You have a tendency to get easily concerned over unimportant stuff which can disrupt the natural flow of things.

Remember – life has its own timeline, so if you want to be happy, you must go with the flow. Do this and you will feel much better after a while.

4. Labradorite Crystal

As you probably know, the universe balances itself by providing each act with some kind of consequence. Act with love, compassion, wealth, and happiness and you can expect the same in return.

The labradorite crystal is a reminder that you need to give and receive at the same time. You’ve been giving for your whole life, but you’ve obviously forgotten how to receive. Allow yourself to receive what you’re giving and you will be a happier person.

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