9 Signs You’re Not Dating a Girl, but a Mature Woman

9 Signs You’re Not Dating a Girl, but a Mature Woman

Some girls need to be with a man so that they can truly become women, they need someone stable in their life that will help them evolve and rise to the task that is life. But, some women become the strong, stable women they need to be on their own, they don’t need anyone teaching them how to grow and life simply throws them one curveball after another until they learn how to fend for themselves. This may be a difficult life, but the woman who grew on her own will always know how to find her way in life, alone or in a relationship, she will never fail and she knows it.

A mature woman sees the world as it is and knows what she needs to do to progress in life and overcome all the challenges that lay ahead. This kind of woman will always know how to behave in a relationship and will let you know that she won’t stand for any bulls**t. You should know if you’re starting a relationship with a mature woman that it’s much different than starting a relationship with a girl and there are some things you need to know about this type of women if you want to stay with them for long.

She is emotionally evolved

This type of woman is not the kind of partner that will make a big fuss over nothing. She’s understanding and will not give you a hard time over little things because she’s in sync with her emotions and knows what she wants in a relationship. She knows how to keep control over a situation and overcome every obstacle. She’s emotionally stable and needs to be with a man who’s stable as well.

She always speaks her mind

If you’re with a mature woman you should know that she will always tell you the truth to your face. She’s not afraid to speak her mind and you should know it. She’s not impulsive or rash, but she knows exactly how to give you the hard truth without sounding argumentative or rude. She knows that her words and actions may sometimes have unwanted consequences, but she doesn’t let that disrupt her straightforwardness. She’ll face every challenge face on and discuss everything that bothers her until she finds a resolution to whatever problem you’re facing.

She assumes responsibility in a relationship

Even though women are daydreamers by nature, a strong, mature woman will never shy away from her responsibilities. She knows that every relationship needs work and she’s willing to go the extra mile as long as she receives feedback from the other side.

She’s more a woman of action than of words

She has a plethora of things to say, don’t get me wrong, but she believes that actions speak louder than words and that’s the motto she lives by. She may not say that she’s pleasantly surprised by your dinner but she’ll make the perfect dessert to thank you for it later.

She knows how to make you laugh

It’s not what she says, but how she says it that makes you roll on the floor laughing. It’s her spirit, her confidence that make every joke funnier and every situation laughable. Whenever you’re with her she puts a smile on your face and you love her for that. Sometimes all it takes is one look at her and you’re already happy.

She’ll never argue over meaningless things

If you’re in a relationship with a mature woman you should know that she’ll never argue over small, insignificant things. Whenever you get into an argument with her, it will be over an important issue and she’ll always make solid arguments in her favor. Whenever you disagree about something, she will find a way to work around the disagreement and find a reasonable solution to your problem. She knows how to appeal to your constructive side and resolve every argument peacefully.

She loves kids and respects the seniors

Everyone who’s in her life is valuable to her and she knows how to respect all the people that she cares for. She loves spending time with the kids in the family and shows a great amount of respect for both your and her elderly family members.

She understands

Nothing in life turns out the way we planned it and she’s OK with it. She won’t burst into tears at the smallest obstacle in life nor will she fall in despair if something doesn’t turn out the way she planned. She has understanding for every situation that comes along and even though she may feel disappointed at some point, she knows that things will get better and doesn’t let that ruin her day.

She only forgives once

There are no third chances with this type of woman so if you’ve already crossed the red line once, be careful as she won’t be fooled twice. She may forgive you for one honest mistake and let it go, but if you do it again, know that she’ll erase you from her life as if you’ve never existed.

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