There is a ‘Delete’ Button in your Brain and this is How you Can Activate It

There is a ‘Delete’ Button in your Brain and this is How you Can Activate It

There is a ‘delete’ button in your brain and this is how you can activate it.

The brain’s neuro-circuit becomes stronger the more you use it. Just like everything else in life you need practice to make it perfect.

Scientists have figure out that in order to learn something, first, you need to have the ability to unlearn, or in other words,  to break down the old neural connections. This process is called “synaptic pruning”.

You have your brain and there you find a field where, between the neurons, grow the synaptic connections. These are the connections where serotonin, dopamine and some other neurotransmitters are traveling.

Those who are responsible for speeding up the signals between certain neurons are called “Glial cells”. But, also, you have glial cells which are responsible for removing the unimportant information in your brain. Those who prune your synaptic connections are called “microglial cells” and here comes the question of how do they know which connection needs to be pruned.

So far the researchers knew that synaptic connections, which are been used less, are marked by one protein. This is how the microglial cells recognize which synapse needs to be destroyed.

This is the way our brain makes physical space or storage for new information.

Sleeping is important because that is how our brain cleans itself.

There probably has been a point in your life where you felt like there is no more available storage in your brain.  This is because learning new things makes your brain to build connections which are inefficient because your brain needs sleep in order to prune the information away and to create more efficient pathways.

The glial cells start working while you sleep and your brain cells have shirked up to 60% thus making space for the glial cells to take away the waste. This is the reason why when we wake up we feel like our thoughts are clearer.

Cognitive abilities need you to take naps if you want them to be more efficient. The nap will give your microglial cells a chance to clear the used and unnecessary connections and make space for new ones.

The process of thinking becomes much easier when your brain is well rested.

So, if you want something to be deleted from your brain all you need to do is be careful of what you’re thinking. The synaptic connections which you use will stay there and receive oxygen while those you do not use will be removed.

You must learn how to channel your thoughts to the important things in your life and move away those which only take up space and have no significant importance.

It is all about your focus!

Your thoughts come by themselves, but you are the one who can control their effect on you.

Stop imagining things that will probably never happen and those only make hold you back. Focus on the things that can make you a better person and your life a better one.

You need to be strategic and use your brain in a smart way by resisting the things that do not benefit you at all.

Once you stop thinking about something you will automatically delete it from your brain all you need to do is change your focus.

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