The Difference Between Being in Love and Being Attached to Someone

The Difference Between Being in Love and Being Attached to Someone

We all know someone who can jump from relationship to relationship and tell you that they are in love all the time. It’s difficult to understand how these people can be in love with every person they make out with. Maybe it isn’t love all along – it may be fear of staying alone.

Love can’t be measured, so there’s really no way to tell if these people are in love for real. Love is a feeling which will help you spread your wings and feel like never before. However, what if the feeling is not right? What if you’re just afraid of being alone and mistake it for love? What if you’ve already in too deep and your partner thinks you are soulmates when you’re clearly not?

Do you remember all those relationships from your past and think “Wow, I can’t believe I Said ‘I love you’ to these people!”? After all those years, we often wonder how we said that to people who are clearly not our type. How did we even end up together for such a long time? The answer is simple – you weren’t in love, you were just attached to those people.

What Exactly Is Attachment?

Unlike love, attachment is apathetic. When you feel love, you’re filled with a burning passion and a warm fire that can be as bright as the stars. However, if you’re only attached to someone, you won’t experience that. In fact, you may feel irritated or anxious when with your partner, which is nothing like the fire in your soul created by love.

Real love is about your partner, not yourself. If you really love your partner, you will put their needs above your own. Attachment is the exact opposite – you’re doing everything only for yourself without being aware of it.

When you’re going through attachment, you may feel like you’re OK only when you’re with your partner. You can’t be separated and when you’re apart, you will wonder what they’re doing all the time. Attachment takes sides, while love empowers you both. Love gives you energy and freedom to do whatever you like and realize your dreams together. If you’re only attached to your partner, you will experience a power struggle which can end up bad. You will call all the shots and only your decisions will matter, which will eventually break the relationship.

Attachment Is Timed, While Love Has No Limits

Let’s be honest – being in a relationship isn’t always pleasing. In fact, all the things in life that matter need some effort from your side and some time in order to work. However, true love is an incredible thing everyone needs to experience. Don’t worry if you haven’t experienced it yet – your time will come. You will eventually find someone who will show you true love and help you reevaluate yourself.

When you’re in love, time doesn’t matter. When you really love someone, you will love them forever. It’s an unbreakable bond that will surely change your life. On the other hand, attachment isn’t real – it’s an illusion of love which can crush your heart and soul. If you’re attached to your partner without loving them, gather some courage and end the relationship before it’s too late and you give yourselves to misery.

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