Don’t Leave the Woman Who Truly Loved You, You’ll Regret It Later

Don’t Leave the Woman Who Truly Loved You, You’ll Regret It Later

Not many women are able to love deeply, but the rare ones that do, will love you with all of their heart. They will love you today and tomorrow and for the rest of their lives and will never leave you heartbroken. They’re not afraid to admit it and follow their heart because they know it can only bring them happiness.

If you happen to meet this type of woman and you’re the man who won her heart over, you should know that you’re the luckiest man alive. This woman was the woman that was prepared to give you her heart and soul, to travel to the Moon and back for you and to tell you exactly how she feels.

But you were foolish enough to take her for granted and you broke her. Maybe you weren’t read y for this type of relationship at the time, maybe you were just stupid or maybe you simply couldn’t understand how she felt.

Whatever the reason, you broke her heart into a million pieces and despite it all, she still loved you and was willing to stay with you.

This is the type of woman you’ll meet once in a lifetime, if you’re lucky, and never again. This woman was the woman who told you how much she loved you, and wasn’t afraid to say it out loud. You knew exactly how she felt and never had to question her love for you. But the problem is that she always doubted if her feelings were reciprocated and if you felt the same way about her.

Maybe you loved her too, you probably did, but you failed to realize how rare her love for you was. You couldn’t understand how special your relationship was and now that you know you regret it with all of your heart.

Not long after you broke her heart, you started meeting other girls, dating other girls, loving other girls, and then you realized it, you messed it big time. All of these other girls left you with a void inside and you couldn’t even begin to compare their love with her love.

She was the one and now you knew it, but it was too late. She believed in you when everyone doubted you, she supported you when there was no one else around and she saw the potential in you that no one else could. And yet you still thought she wasn’t good enough, you thought you could find better, all the while she knew you were meant for each other.

Maybe you saw some flaw in her you thought you couldn’t accept, maybe you thought you simply weren’t made for each other, maybe you just doubted your love for her, but she never did,

There’s nothing wrong in trying out all your options, exploring the world and seeing what it has to offer you. But once you saw it all, you couldn’t think about nothing else but her and her love for your, her true, pure, genuine love.

You were her world and you broke her heart. And now that you’ve finally realized what she meant for you, she’s already gone, in love with someone else, someone better than you, someone who loves her the way she deserves to be loved. You’ll have to live with your regret for the rest of your life and you’ll have to wonder what it would be like if you hadn’t broken her heart?

That’s why this story is dedicated to all of those who’re in doubt, who think they could do better and who believe life has much more to offer. If you’re with a woman who loves you with all of her heart, don’t let her go! You’ll be making the biggest mistake in your life and you won’t be able to correct it.

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