The Disastrous Effects Caused By This Drink Doesn’t Stop People From Drinking It

The Disastrous Effects Caused By This Drink Doesn’t Stop People From Drinking It

According to the latest statistics, Americans drink more soda than any other nation in the world. Enormous amounts of soda are consumed on a daily basis and according to the latest researches, almost 30% of the drinks sold in the USA are sodas. In the beginning of the new millennium, Americans bought over seventeen gallons of soda, that’s like almost half a liter per citizen daily! Here we describe the disastrous effects caused by drinking too much soda:


Almost all sodas contain a lot of caffeine and acids. According to the Framingham Osteoporosis Study which tested the bone mineral density of 1450 women and 1200 men in 2006, found out that soda was responsible for lowering the mineral density of the bones. Women suffer more from this since they are more susceptible to decreased BMD than men.

Reason for this is the huge amounts of phosphorus acid which does not allow the bone to absorb calcium. Another research revealed that consumption of soda which contains caffeine, also leads to bone loss. It is also proven that caffeine can interrupt the absorption of calcium.


Sodas contain a ton of sugar in them, a consuming them daily can cause gaining couple extra pounds every month. Many people however, go for the diet soda hoping it is less harmful for them. WRONG! Diet soda if anything is even more harmful, it contains a lot of artificial sweeteners which can interfere with hormones, causing hormonal issues and eventually will make you even fatter than regular soda.

Liver Devastation

This is arguably the worst-case scenario. Drinking too much soda increases the chances of you getting cirrhosis. It is a devastating condition which includes loss of liver cells.

Rotten Teeth

Drinking too much soda can damage your teeth as well. The sugars and acid that sodas are packed with can damage your tooth enamel and forcing you to smile less, since I hardly think you’ll want anyone to see that smile.

Kidney Diseases

Drinking soda daily can increase your chance of getting kidney stones by unbelievably 20%! All this thanks to the phosphoric acid in the soda which can ruin your urinary tract.

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