This is Why Messing with an Empath is an Extremely Bad Idea

This is Why Messing with an Empath is an Extremely Bad Idea

Empaths are people that are extremely in sync with their feelings, so much so that they can actually pick up on other people’s emotions as well and feel what they feel. Empaths feel things ten times stronger than regular people and even among empaths there are those that have a more heightened sense than other empaths.

If you believe you’re an empath as well, your sensitivity to the surroundings makes you overwhelmed at times, we’re sure. For an empath it’s especially difficult to be around people who’re negative, malicious and simply radiate with negative energy. The hate and misery these people feel put a heavy burden on your soul and it becomes hard for you to differentiate between your own feelings and those of the people around you that rub off on you. This makes every empath’s life more difficult, as other people are unable to fully grasp the severity of the situation and understand how difficult life can be for empaths.

Aside from being sick and tired from feeling people’s negative feelings, empaths can really see through other people and call them out for their BS. Empaths are not to be messed around with and if you have an empath in your surroundings here are 10 reasons why you should never mess with them:

You can never lie to an empath

Seeing through your lies and deception is the empath’s super power. They’re like a human lie detector and will know you’re lying in an instant. They may not be completely sure but whenever you tell them a lie a silent alarm goes off in their brain. This is because they can detect your dishonesty and discomfort and sense your lie, be it a small one or a big one, momentarily.

They can see through your mask

Again, a power quite similar to the previous one, putting on masks and disguises for an empath will simply not work. They can see through you and call you out on your bluff. The people who pretend they care deeply and are concerned about our well-being are often the ones that mean us the worst, but this kind of attitude will simply not pass with an empath. They’re much wiser than regular people and can sense whenever someone has wicked intentions.

Sarcasm will not go well with empaths

People who’re dishonest and don’t mean you well often try to get on your good side with false praises and flattery. However, if they try this with an empath they will not be successful as empaths will know how they feel deep inside. Sarcasm is not a virtue in the empath’s eyes and you can’t fool an empath, never.

Don’t’ try to hide your hatred and jealousy

Empaths are the closest thing to a Jedi we know of and they can immediately sense the hidden hatred in people. They can see through other people’s pretenses and simply sniff out the jealousy and hatred in people. Don’t try to pretend in front of an empath and demonstrate your will of forgiveness, trying to convince them you’ve moved on, you’ll never fool them.

Empaths can read your prejudices from your face

We all know that there are racists and homophobes around us, they’ve always been around and always will be here. But the problem is that many of these people like to pretend like they’re so understanding and supportive which is quite the opposite of how they really feel. But empaths are blessed with a special sense that allows them to read your face and thoughts and see through your bigotry. They can’t stand this type of people and will reveal their hidden face to the world the moment they sense them.

Empaths know when you’re feeling down

Not everyone wants to discuss their feelings especially when they’re feeling down and that’s Ok. Just know that telling an empath you’re doing fine when you’re going through a difficult period will not fool them. They can feel what you feel and they’ll know when you’re feeling down, uncomfortable, scared or depressed, even if you’ve put on your brave face and appear calm on the outside.

Empaths know when you’re holding back

Sometimes people just feel like that’s the maximum they can give in a situation, but an empath can detect when someone is holding back and isn’t giving 100% to the task at hand. They’ll motivate you to push your limits and maximize your potential, because they care about you and want to see you succeed in life.

Empaths sense self-destructive behavior

Empaths can sense the inclination to a self-destructive behavior for whatever reason and can call you out on it. Sometimes people like to play victim and enjoy the drama it creates while sometimes the tough-guy façade hides a weak and fearful personality. Either way, you can’t escape the empath’s eyes and they see right through you.

Empaths know when you’re pretending

As with everything else, hiding your true face before and empath is simply impossible. They see right through your mask for as much as you like to come off as someone you’re not. Sometimes these ‘pretender’ go so far as to create a whole other persona because they feel that their true self will never be accepted by society. As hard as you try to hide yourself the empath will see you for who you really are.

Empaths can detect selfishness

Lastly, empaths can also detect people’s selfish intentions and sense when someone is trying to get the better of them. Using an empath for your own selfish goals is a bad idea because they’ll see right through your intentions. Empaths are generous and want to help others as much as they can but if you try to use them it will not end well for you.

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