Here Is What Happens When an Empath Falls In Love With A Narcissist

Here Is What Happens When an Empath Falls In Love With A Narcissist

The narcissist, who is manipulative and selfish is the complete opposite of the generous, emotional and caring empath. Empaths always want to help those around them. This act of selflessness is like a magnet for the selfish and abusive narcissist, who senses that this is a relationship in which they will never have to worry about the feelings of their partner.

Here we will describe the stages of what happens when an empath falls in love with a narcissist:

When an empath starts relationship with a narcissist, they think that they have found something special. For them it seems like they have found true and pure love and it’s impossible for them to leave this relationship because the narcissist sees all of this and confirms it in order to keep them close.

When empaths give love, it fulfills them while narcissists take advantage of this trait to gain even more control and power over empaths.

The narcissists continue to manipulate this situation by creating the illusion of a perfect romance. This blinds the empath so much they believe they have found the one.

Empaths continue to live in this illusion like everything is perfect while narcissists make sure this illusion continues to last. They do this by often questioning the love empaths are giving them.

After a while narcissists starts playing mind games in order to make empaths even more dependent of them.

As the relationships grows, empaths cannot stand to see their partner suffer. They will do everything to help them get back on their feet.

Then there comes a breaking point in the relationship where empath changes completely. They suddenly are a different person with their own emotional needs who must be fulfilled. Narcissists will see this as selfish act.

When this relationship end, both the empath and the narcissist are not fully aware that they will continue to suffer. With empath being manipulated and abused by some other narcissist because they are attracted by this kind of behavior, whilst narcissist will end up in some toxic relationship.

After this relationship is over, the empaths start to blame themselves. They have this feeling like they have messed up the relationship with some selfish act.

Trying to communicate with a narcissist will prove worthless to empaths, as they will always find a way to blame them.

So, after all is said and done, empaths will finally begin to heal. They will start their healing by transforming themselves into more wise and smart person and will realize that in order to grow they must rethink their healing process.

Narcissists on the contrary will continue looking for their next victim, not realizing that they are the ones responsible for their own sadness. They will never admit they did something wrong but will try to forget everything and move on.

In the end, empaths will get out smart, stronger, wiser and more careful. Narcissists never learn anything from their mistakes, they never grow and they end up unhappy.

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