It’s Better to End Up Alone Than With Someone Who Does These 7 Things

It’s Better to End Up Alone Than With Someone Who Does These 7 Things

Everyone is in search of true, genuine love, we all aspire to meet our perfect other half and live happily ever after. However, some people are more committed to this search, while others tend to forget about their priorities after a while and settle for something much less than what they’ve hoped for. Me, I would never settle for anything less that true, pure, genuine love. The kind of love that lifts you up and makes you feel like you’re on top of the world. And you could only feel that kind of love for someone who loves you back equally strong, someone who respects you and someone who’s not afraid to show their feelings.

This kind of love happens between two people who’re meant to be together and I would never settle for someone who’s not meant to be mine. I would never accept someone who’s insecure and immature, someone who wants to manipulate and someone who isn’t prepared to commit to me fully. You shouldn’t either!

You should never be the girl who accepts the following things in her partner:

– Hiding their true feelings. Playing games is not something adults do so why would you be interested in it? You need a real man, someone who’s prepared to spill his soul in front of you and reveal everything. Someone who will share his deepest, most intimate secrets and know that you’ll accept him no matter what.

– Disrespect. If your partner shows no respect for you or your relationship, he’s not the man for you. You should never settle for someone with double standards, for someone who doesn’t know what you’re worth. You need someone who will respect you and prove to you that he only cares for you and no one else.

– Not investing in the relationship. There are too many people who simply don’t bother, who don’t care about working on the relationship, investing in it and helping it grow and progress.

– Not being supportive. You don’t need someone who doesn’t support you in your life. Your partner needs to be your rock, needs to always be there for you and needs to be the first person you think about calling when you run into problems. You don’t need someone who will hold you back and prevent you from aiming higher, just because they’re insecure.

– Irresponsibility. You don’t need a partner who’re too immature and irresponsible that he never owns up to his mistakes. You need an adult, someone who will know when they’ve made a mistake and apologize for it.

– Tossing the blame to you. You should never accept someone who will blame you for everything bad that happens. You don’t need someone who will criticize you and make you feel worthless. You need to be able to talk things through with your partner, resolve your differences and find the common ground, not just trying to pin the blame between the two of you.

– Controlling behavior. You don’t need a control freak in your life, especially if he’s also jealous and possessive. Your life is just yours and no one else’s and no one should tell you what to do, where to go and who to see. You’re the only one who’s in control of your life and don’t let anyone convince you otherwise.

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