People Take In Other People’s Energy, Science Confirms

People Take In Other People’s Energy, Science Confirms

Bielefeld University delivers a research in which it is explained that the plants absorb energy from other plants, when their natural resources vanish. This research has opened many further attempts to researching, in which will be shown that humans too, absorb energy from other humans. Dr. Olaf Kruse and the team observed and researched the reactions of Chlamydomonas reinhardtii, which absorbed energy from other plants due to its impossibility to photosynthesis. This discovery was published in Nature Communications.

An energy healer and a psychologist Dr. Olivia Bader-Lee implicates further knowledge on why some people don’t find it comfortable sitting with some other people. It is because of the mixture of energies along with emotions. When the technology for the energy studies upgrades and improves, we will have more clues and visions on the transmission of the energies between people. People are considered to have many similarities with the plants. So it is inevitable that we somehow absorb the energy from the others.

To put it in simpler words, according to Bader-Lee, humans can heal use animals, humans and many parts of the nature to heal others. That is why people feel more energized when they find themselves in nature. One very important way to use the energy properly is to be spiritually calmed down and ground your ego.

To utilize much energy and to give it to the others, humans have to get into a state of non-resistance. When they become clear and translucent to themselves, the negativity goes away and the calmness appears. People should learn how to protect their personal aura from being attacked by negative energy. Color gold can lead people to cleansing their auras and make them focused on something important. People can implement looking at the sun as a call for a clear energy, and continue using it as a magnet. That magnet will be an attraction for positivity.

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