Experts discovered that people over 40 should work only 3 days per week

Experts discovered that people over 40 should work only 3 days per week

According to a recent study, people that are over 40, are more productive when they work only 3 days per week.

The performance of the middle-aged people was improved and increased to 25 hours a week. On the contrary, the performance was reduced when the week went over 25 hours because of tiredness and long working hours.

This research which was published in the Melbourne Institute Paper series, has included few cognitive tests. 3500 Australian women and men were involved and their habits were analyzed. The ability to read certain words and a lot of numbers was the main focus of the research. The reading part was conducted so the research can test the “knowledge” of the participants, while the numbers reciting was conducted so it can test the participants’ “understanding”, where memorizing and reasoning were also included.

The best results were found by the participants who work not over 25 hours per week, while the worst results came up by the participants who work more than 55 hours per week. The results were terrifying, even worse to those who are not employed.

Professor Colin McKenzie from Keio University has pointed out that the retirement age in many counties will be moved at that age where the people will be able to work even though they are old.

He said that the intellectual level might be connected with the working hours. The work can motivate and increase the brain activity, but it can also cause stress and tiredness from long working hours which can be really dangerous.

As mentioned above, it is really important for the people who are middle-aged or the people who are older to work part-time so they can keep their cognitive ability.

It is still unknown why working more than 30 hours per week is exhaustive for the human brain and working less is more productive. McKenzie has described his work as good and bad at the same time. Long working hours can be dangerous for your health and brain, but it is still better than no work at all. Thus you can keep your cognitive functions.

The research that was conducted in many countries, and on  so many participants hasn’t shown any precise information. That happened because of the number of complex factors that were included and it was very difficult to control it.

Full-time working hours can be really dangerous for people who are over 40. The government should definitely work on this issue and think about the retirement age. If you were born in 1989, you will get retired on 68, which is inappropriate for the employee and for the employer as well.

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