We Fall In LOVE With Only 3 People In Our Lifetime!

We Fall In LOVE With Only 3 People In Our Lifetime!

There is a reason we fall in love with only 3 people in our lifetime.

The first one would be in our teenage years or maybe high school. This kind of love it’s like the one we see in the movies or fairy tales and it is the most innocent one. This love would definitely follow all the expectations of our family and the society. We usually believe that this one is going to be our first but also last love and that it’s going to last forever. Also, it is a love for which we would even change ourselves so that it would work and we are ready to do anything to present it as perfect as possible.

This is kind of love that is more important how people see it rather than how you feel in the relationship.

The second love is the one that will teach us lessons. This one is hard, it can hurt, can be full of lies and also full of manipulations. One thing for sure is that this one will teach us who we are and what we are looking for when it comes to love. This is the time we think we know better than the first time, but the reality is that we still haven’t learned anything. We also fall into this vicious circle when we know we are not with the right person but yet we break up then make up for about million times. We think that every time it is going to be better than the previous, but it is actually going worse and worse.

This love has lots of drama, emotional and even physical abuse and it can be very frustrating and unhealthy. Like in some movies it is the drama that is capturing our attention and it makes us watch more.

Even though we hope this one was our true love, the fact that it makes us unrecognizable and able to do things that we never would means this is not the one we should fight for.

The last one, our third love will come out of nowhere. It is going to be very surprising one because all our ideas of what love is supposed to be will turn out completely wrong. At moments it will appear that it is unreal because it is so easy with the right person. Just because we never even planned this to happen it is going to make us feel like we are in a seventh heaven.

We immediately clicked with this person and we do not have to change who we are because we are loved as we are.

Maybe it goes against all those rules that we have created in order to protect ourselves from being hurt, but it shows us that we can be loved for who we are and the relationship does not have to follow some ridicules rules in order to be perfect.

It is kind of love that brings our best self.

But, not all of us are able to see the right love when it comes, that might be because we still have to learn more about what love is and get ready for it.

Sometimes even if we feel ready for love, maybe the love is not ready for us and it needs more time.

Also, there are those who find this third love with such an ease and they even maintain the passion last as long as they are alive.

A lot has to do with what are we focusing on, is it how or how much we love. We can make a choice to stay with our first love, you know the one where we please others but not ourselves. Or the second one, that will be an endless suffering and pain. Or finally, we pace ourselves and wait for the right and true one.

They all teach us something, but only the third one will make us feel safe and fulfilled.

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