Study Reveals: Fasting For 3 Days Could Regenerate The Entire Immune System

Study Reveals: Fasting For 3 Days Could Regenerate The Entire Immune System

Even though some people believe that fasting is unhealthy and dangerous, it actually can be very beneficial to your health. You can also practice intermittent fasting, which means that instead of going without food all day, you need to restrict your eating time to 8-10-hour window.

Another way to look at this is to think about our ancestors which unlike most of us did not have regular access to food.  They ate when they found some food, otherwise they were fasting. Even the animals in the wild, it is not like they have regular three meals during the day. Instead, when they feel hunger they go and catch a prey.

You only need to fast for three days and your immune system will be entirely regenerated. The people who made this study were amazed at how fasting affects our body. Our body, when we are fasting, starts producing new white blood cells by kickstarting stem cells, and these new ones can fight infections.

Three-day fasting can also help people who are fighting cancer as it can protect them from the toxicity of the chemo. The chemotherapy severely effects the immune system and by fasting the patient can alleviate some of the effects that are harmful to its body.

The researchers also claim that by fasting we can flip a regenerative switch and if this is not a good reason to practice fasting I don’t know what is.

One of the leading researchers of this study, professor Valter Longo, said that by fasting our body starts to produce a new immune system. He says that the stem cells start rebuilding a whole new immune system and the body gets rid of the damaged, old or possibly infected parts of the body. So if a body is damaged by chemotherapy or simply by aging with fasting you can regenerate a new immune system.

The study also found out that people who were included in the research for six months had reduced levels of IGF-1, that is a growth-factor hormone which is linked to tumor progression, cancer risk, and aging.

The researchers found out that with prolonged fasting the count of the white blood cells is going down, but once you start eating again they go up again.

This made them wonder why this is happening.

When you are fasting you make your body to acquire energy from its stores of fat and glucose, also a large portion of the white blood cells in being broken down. Therefore every time you fast the exhaustion of white blood cells sets off stem cells based regeneration of new cells of the immune system.

By fasting the effect is remarkable because you make your system save energy and by doing that it recycles a great deal of the immune cells that are damaged and are not needed.

If you find this method interesting, first do your research as there is a lot of data about fasting. There are lots of cultures and religions that promote fasting as part of their rituals. Maybe by trying this you can give your digestive system some break and kickstart your immune system.

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