Here’s What Your Favorite Color Can Tell You About Your Personality

Here’s What Your Favorite Color Can Tell You About Your Personality

What’s your favorite color? Is it green, blue, yellow or red? Maybe it’s white or black? There are so many colors to choose from but we all have that one that we love so much. But did you know that your favorite color can actually reveal some of your most important personality traits? If you want to find out what your favorite color tells about you, continue reading and discover something you didn’t know about yourself.
Faber Birren, the pioneer in color study and a renowned author of more than 20 books on color, claims that your favorite color can reveal some very important personality traits. Here’s his color personality test, take it and find out more about yourself. All you need to do is find your favorite color and read the interpretation:

Purple – If your favorite color is purple you have an artistic soul and a unique personality. You can also a bit arrogant, but you are respectful.

Red – If your favorite color is red you enjoy life to the fullest. You’re also quite determined and ambitious and you always make your dreams come true.

Pink – If your favorite color is pink you’re a romantic with ideals and you care about people too much. You have a warm, caring personality and you’re extremely sensitive and kind. You know how to make people feel better and everyone respects you for that.

Blue – If your favorite color is blue you’re reliable, sensitive and you strive towards harmony. You enjoy stability in life and you always try to keep things in order.

White – If your favorite color is white you’re a highly organized person and you hate living in chaos and disarray.

Brown – You’re a loyal friend and all your friend know that they can always rely on you. You don’t like chaos and enjoy a stable life.

Green – If your favorite color is green you’re honest, loyal and affectionate. You also like everyone to have a high opinion about you and don’t like anyone to dislike you.

Gray – If your favorite color is gray, the neutral color, you’re mostly indifferent about the majority of things happening around you. You tend to live in isolation and protect yourself from the hectic environment you live in. You don’t like being in the center of attention and all you want is to live life in peace, away from all the fuss. You’re also quite practical and calm.

Yellow – If your favorite color is yellow you enjoy sharing everything with the people around you and learning new things. You’re naturally happy and positive and everyone wants to be around you because that positivity simply shines from you.

Black – If your favorite color is black you’re an artistic and sensitive soul. You don’t easily open up about your life and you like to keep your private things about yourself.

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