Fibromyalgia Is Not a Mystery Anymore, Scientists Found The Main Reasons For Pain In Blood Vessels!

Fibromyalgia Is Not a Mystery Anymore, Scientists Found The Main Reasons For Pain In Blood Vessels!

According to scientists, fibromyalgia is not just in the head of the patients after all, but it is rather caused by the pathology of the fibers in the nerves and a certain order of blood vessels in the palms.

The brain is not directly affected by this syndrome, unlike it was previously thought. The vast majority of doctors for decades believed that the syndrome was made up in the patient’s imagination.

The victims of Fibromyalgia have always laid their hopes on traditional pain relievers offered by pharmaceutical companies, lacking any other options. However, now researchers finally discovered that the excess blood vessels in the palms are the main reason behind the unbearable pain.

The studies done by an elite team of scientists at Integrated Tissue Dynamics LLC from New York, believes that the sensation of pain and touch discomfort are a direct result of alterations in the nerve fibers which happens only at the level of blood stream regulation in the skin.

The logical method used by the scientists included zeroing in on the skin of the hand of the patient who suffered from sensory nerve fiber shortage, and as a result the reaction to pain was reduced. Later the scientists collected skin samples of fibromyalgia patients and discovered an enormous volume of AV (Arteriole-Venule) nerve fibers at specific parts in the subcutaneous blood vessels.

Thus, the connection between the AV fibers and the pain caused by the fibromyalgia was decided.

These results will possibly serve as an answer and solution for those who suffer from the extreme pain felt in their hands, feet and many other body parts, related to fibromyalgia; in addition, this may resolve the questions around the development of symptoms due to cold weather. Actually, fibromyalgia patients also experience fatigue, parallel with the pain.

The neuroscientist Dr. Frank L. Rice indicated that the earlier theories were formed based on the beliefs that the AV fibers existed only at reasonable levels in the blood flow. However, they concluded that the blood vessel endings can cause the sense of pain and touch. In addition, this type of blood stream may also be a reason for muscular pain and discomfort. Furthermore, low inflammation and lactic acid increase may generate fatigue in fibromyalgia patients. As it turns out, this can be a direct result of hyperactivity in the brain.

None of the existing remedies for fibromyalgia have resulted in total relief in most of the patients. Treatments involving: narcotic pain drugs, anti-depressants, anti-seizure medicines and even regular sleeps and physical activities didn’t help the patients.

Although none of the traditional methods helped to ease the pain of the patients, the results of the latest studies might help to discover new treatments and hopefully the final cure in the near future which will help over 5 million Americans who suffer from fibromyalgia on daily basis.

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