Finland is Getting Rid of All the School Subjects and They are the First in the World to Do it

Finland is Getting Rid of All the School Subjects and They are the First in the World to Do it

The schools are still ignoring the fact that we live in an era where the technology gives us all the information that we want to know. They still want us to learn things from books and act like we can’t just swipe on our phone’s screens to find exactly the same information, and more.

But this kind of education isn’t necessary. Finland is the first country to make a big step forward and to change the traditional, educational system. In fact, they came up with an idea to fit the needs of the 21st century.

2020 will be the year when subjects like literature, history or math and physics will be introduced in way more interesting and approachable way. We are talking about the education based on phenomenon.

Phenomenal Education’s website stated that the things learnt in Phenomenon Based Learning or PhenoBL are studied completely as an entity. This means that the things are studied as they are, in reality.

This develops a whole new perspective for the students. They will be free to choose their subject of approach or field of study. They might choose to learn Technology and the Media’s influence over physics and mathematics.

Only certain subject that will provide exact and true information will be included in the process of learning of these phenomena.

Which subjects will be covered depends on the field that the student wants to study. For instance, studying European Union will include subjects like history, geography, a wide economics, languages etc.

Below is the PhenoBL way of thinking. Go for it!

The sessions will be divided into two parts. There will be online sessions and on other hand, students will be included in the face-to-face sessions. The impact of the Internet here will be huge, because it will develop eLearning skills.

Students throughout the process of learning can interact, explore and learn with their teachers. They will implement the information they find and will create a building tool.

There will be change in the style of teaching!

The traditional way of having children in front of teachers, sitting behind desks and listen the teacher’s lectures most of the time will be replaced. The learning of the phenomenon will be in more natural and fitting way.

According to Phenomenal Learning, the learners are the ones that create the whole process. They start from gaining information in form of little pieces and they move towards building a whole construction.

The teamwork takes huge part in this educational system. Learners will constantly collaborate with each other; they are supposed to make groups for delivering a better information.

Past experiences shown that the theory is the most correct when it is done practically. This method will be summarized practically. The learners will be able to perform it and to see the process’ outcome.

The collaborations between the learners and the teachers will be inevitable. That’s why the teachers attend many courses and trainings.

70% of the Helsinki’s teachers are participating in the programs of phenomena learning.

The core of the curriculum is the co-teaching. Teachers who will find their ways to the top and collaborate with each other will have bigger salaries.

Luckily, the teachers saw and accepted the positive sides of this program and once they accept it, they never want to get back to the traditional way of teaching.

Teachers have been dreaming of classroom interactions. This is where their dreams come true.

The PhenoBL approach is considered to be completely implemented in the schools by 2020. Today, the schools need to introduce it to the students at least one time, annually.

The pre-school centers use very similar learning approach called Playful Learning Center, as a starting point to this PhenoBL approach.

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