The Story Of The Forgotten White Slaves In America

The Story Of The Forgotten White Slaves In America

When it comes to slavery most people associate it with Africans or Native Americans, but here we’ll talk about white slaves. Their numbers were significantly lower than those of Africans or Native Americans, but there is no doubt about their existence.

According to Huffington Post:

“In the 19th century, photographs of children described as “White Slaves” were part of the campaign to raise money for schools for emancipated slaves. The idea behind this campaign was to collect donations from wealthy people by creating empathy for these children. These images were part of the article titled “Portraits of Slave Children” by Harper’s Weekly in 1864.”

Racists took advantage of the history of these white slaves. They were claiming that more than 300.000 white slaves were brought from Ireland, while immigration of people form that same country was barely 50.000 per year.

Regardless of the race, slavery has been plaguing the earth for centuries. Native Americans, Africans and others suffered for centuries. Slavery is mostly done by wealthy and rich people and races doesn’t even matter because slavery is all about power.

Years later, impoverished white people were treated worse, especially after the industrial revolution. Institutions in America were part of the damnation of the poor white people as they were considered subhuman. In early 20th century eugenic movements, who were born in the academic institutions, looked on poor whites and every other race that didn’t fit their “societal norms” as being unworthy of having children. These people regardless of their race were sterilized against their will.

All races should be equal, and they equally deserve to be free and to be prosperous. Slavery is all about psychopathy and power, where the wealthy “owns” the poor, and people such as Africans and Native Americans were the biggest victims of slavery. A difference in power between the people and the state, the wealthy and the influential people from the upper echelons of society is what really creates slavery. In modern times people from all over the world are victims of human slavery, the world must unite in order to fight this terrible crime against humanity.

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