A Study Discovers That Gingers May Be As Tough As Superheroes!

A Study Discovers That Gingers May Be As Tough As Superheroes!

Although many people like redheads, some see them as a threat. Redheaded people have been seen in negative light for a long time. Yes, gingers like Jessica Chastain can definitely turn the head of men, but some people think that they don’t have a soul.

Recently, author Erin Le Rosa published her new book titled The Big Redhead Book: Inside The Secret Society of Red in which she gives a few nice arguments why gingers should be proud of their hair color. Even more interesting, Le Rosa says that there are biological benefits of being ginger. As the author says, gingers are truly unique (“unicorns in the human world”) and she also thinks they’re blessed.

According to Le Rosa’s research, redheaded people can handle pain easier than the rest of us and there’s a biological reason for it. Studies have revealed that a mutation of the MC1R gene gives redheads their hair color. This mutation is probably also responsible for the reason why redheads can tolerate 25% more pain than people with other hair color. This means that gingers are way more resilient than most people think, so the lousy comments about them don’t even scratch their surface.

Another study, this one from the Louisville University, showed that gingers need 20% more anesthesia before a surgery, which makes them look like superheroes. Another study showed that redheads are especially sensitive to temperature changes and can easily tell when winter is coming. Thanks to their unique gene mutation, these people can synthesize more vitamin D in their bodies which can reduce anxiety and depression and fight various diseases.

So, if you’ve been born a ginger and have been dealing with a lot of negative comments in your life so far, knowing that you’re truly unique can help you overcome the negativity. Be proud of your hair – you’re a true unicorn in this crazy world!

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