If Your Girl Does These 12 Things Without Asking, She’s A Keeper!

If Your Girl Does These 12 Things Without Asking, She’s A Keeper!

There’s really no better feeling than being in love. However, the journey to finding real love is not easy – it can be a tough road with many twists and turns and learning from experiences which are quite hard to deal with.

Relationships can go to extremes. Some solid romances can easily crumble and the people you love can hurt you as well. When you’re beginning a relationship, you can’t really judge if she’s really your soulmate or the girl who will crush your soul. Guys often hold back on commitment until they know for sure that you’re the one. And, while it’s impossible to peek into the future and tell if she’s really the one, there are many signs you can pay attention to learn if she’s the woman of your dreams.

If she does the following things without being asked, you have found your soulmate:

She Doesn’t Play Around

Mental games are a part of every relationship, but if she truly loves you, she will be honest about her feelings and speak about them openly. If this is the case, you have probably found the girl you’re going to spend your life with. Consider yourself lucky.

She’s A Team Player

We just can’t stress the importance of being a team player in relationships. If your girl isn’t submissive and she doesn’t rely on your lead, she’s a team player who will make even the toughest decisions. These girls see relationships as a team instead of being a submissive partner. She’ll share her thoughts and will disagree with you if her point of view is different. If she does this, she’s a keeper.

You’re Not Her Center Of The Universe

It’s very important to understand that your girl has her own life. Yes, you are an important part of her life and she’s happy about sharing it with you, but you shouldn’t be the center of her universe. If your girl acts like this, congratulations – you’ve found your soulmate.

She’s Respectful

You should marry the girl who respects your opinion and will never use name calling or insults even in the most heated argument. These women will treat you with the same respect you give them. She won’t use your mistakes or faults against you as she’s focused on building a trusting relationship which functions like a team.

Your Finances Are Your Own

The ideal girl won’t care about your finances and how much money you have in the bank. She has her own money and if she needs to get something, she will buy it herself. Just because you’re dating her doesn’t mean that you’re an ATM. If she doesn’t expect you to pay every bill, she’s a keeper.

She’s Independent

The perfect girl is independent and has a sharp mind and soul. She can take care of herself and doesn’t need you fighting her battles. These women may ask for advice, but they don’t expect your help for everything that goes wrong in her life. She’s all about standing on her own feet and achieving her dreams on her own. If you’re lucky enough, you will be a part of her journey.

She Supports You

The ideal women will always support you and help you achieve your dreams. She will never stand in your way or discourage you not to pursue your dreams, no matter how unrealistic they are.

She’s A Part of Your Sexual Journey

Sex is a big part of any relationship and never a one-sided experience. The perfect girl will be open to new positions and sharing fantasies and making sex fun. If she’s like that, you should marry her.

You Can Lean On Her for Support

If you know you can lean on your girl for support in your darkest times, you should know she’s the one. Your girl should always be there for you – whatever the issue, she will help you get through anything and be your emotional support in tough times.

You’ve Met Her Whole Family and Friends

The girl who really loves you will insist on meeting her family and friends and she’ll be excited about it. If she’s comfortable enough to introduce you to the people who mean the world to her, she’s definitely worth it.

She Doesn’t Bring Up Things Behind Your Back

Your soulmate shouldn’t be a girl who is waiting for you to fail just so she can bring it up behind your back. Your girl should respect you enough to not humiliate you in front of others. If you don’t find her bitching about petty stuff, she’s a keeper.

No Skeletons In The Closet

The ideal girl will show you all the skeletons in her closet and ensure you that it’s a completely new start for her. She won’t carry emotional baggage from her previous relationships and won’t let anything get in the way of your future as a couple. If your girl acts like this, you should marry her as soon as possible.

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