Do You Get Goosebumps While Listening to Your Favorite Tunes? If You Do, You’re Special!

Do You Get Goosebumps While Listening to Your Favorite Tunes? If You Do, You’re Special!

Are you one of those people who get chills when hearing their favorite song? If you do feel chills, congratulations – you’re a special type of person. Lumps in the throat, chills down the spine and goosebumps when you hear a certain song are reserved for unique people only and it has been scientifically confirmed.

A few months ago, Matthew Sachs from Harvard University conducted a study on people who feel goosebumps when listening to their favorite bands. He wanted to see why the body reacts in that way and how these reactions are triggered. Sachs examined 20 students – 10 of them admitted they experience goosebumps when hearing a certain song, while the other half never experienced such a feeling. The study observed the students carefully and also took brain scans while they were listening to their favorite songs.

The scans revealed something spectacular – the brain cells of people who felt goosebumps while listening to music are responsible for such a personal emotional attachment to the music involved. The brain cells were far different than the brain cells of the rest of the group – as a matter of fact, they had a much denser fiber volume which makes them special and allows them to communicate better. These fibers are responsible for the link between the auditory cortex and the areas of the brain that process emotion, making these people emotionally sensitive. Sachs’ revolutionary study attracted a lot of attention and was recognized by many experts in the field of neuroscience.

So, if you’re a person who gets chills down their spine whenever you hear your favorite song, you’re probably more emotional than the rest of us and special as well. These sensations are associated with the memories a person has of a song. Sachs’ study was later published in an Oxford journal, with many experts planning to try it on a larger scale. Although it’s far too early to say, the study may prove vital to the treatment of numerous mental disorders.

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