Guide for how to improve your life for only one month

Guide for how to improve your life for only one month

Our lives are not perfect. Everyone has been through something beautiful and difficult as well. It is crucial to accept that counseling or reading something won’t help you if you don’t stand up and do something for yourself! You should be aware of the fact that it is your fault that you don’t have good and prolific life.

First week: Read and set your goals

  1. Wake up earlier and read some magazines in the morning. Afterwards you can start writing everything that comes to your mind;
  2. Do not be afraid, because actually these are your plans that you will do it in the future so you can change; It may look stupid at first, but you’ll see how useful these technique really is;
  3. Stop checking your mobile in the morning!

Second week: Improve your diet, free your space and your mind as well

  1. Try to be more organized. You can start with your closet. Throw out everything that you don’t need. Keeping your room clean will lower the stress level.
  2. Forget about junk food. This will be very difficult, but you will see how much energy you’ll have if you add some green ingredients in your diet like fruits and vegetable.
  3. You can go out on a fresh air, or you can read a book instead of watching tv or wasting time in front of the computer in the evening. You will feel more energized and healthy.

Third week: Get rid of negative people

  1. Stop being there for the friend that is always whining and complaining to you. We all have problems and draining your energy is not nice.
  2. Get rid of the addictions as well, no matter if it is about cigarettes, alcohol or something else.
  3.  You can replace the addictions with some healthy habits like swimming, cycling, yoga and etc. You can even drink green tea instead of coffee and alcohol.

Fourth week: Stop complaining and start chasing your dreams!

  1. Save some money, set dates and start planning! No matter if it is about a luxurious trip or just a vacation in the neighbourhood country, it is going to realize easier if you are organized. Even if this doesn’t happen the level of motivation will be extremely high.
  2. Stop wasting time on toxic relationships. You are not a child and you should be responsible for your own decisions.
  3. Get out of your comfort zone! Try new things! Try something exciting like a new haircut, learn to play a guitar, take course for cooking! Take risks! Grab chances! That’s what life’s all about!

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