Confused If Your Guy Is the Marrying Types? These 16 Habits Will Tell You He’s the One!

Confused If Your Guy Is the Marrying Types? These 16 Habits Will Tell You He’s the One!

Our actions speak louder than words and that’s a fact. All of us are quick to judge sometimes and make rushed decisions when meeting someone. If you’re dating a new guy and you’re confused about his plans, the following habits will show you if he’s in it for the long run.

He Knows All Your Favorite Meals

A guy who knows your eating habits and your favorite meals is the one you should be with forever. If he pays attention to those little details about your favorite ice-cream flavor or your favorite pizza place, it shows that he cares deeply about you. If he pops the question, don’t hesitate.

He Always Lets You Know Where He Is

The guy who really loves you will always send a text saying he’ll be late or going out with friends. It’s a small gesture but an important one nonetheless. Constantly updating you about his whereabouts so you don’t worry is definitely something only a guy who cares about you will do. If your guy always does this, you can bet he’s the one.

He Takes Care of You

No matter if he takes care of you when you’re sick or putting an extra blanket on you when you’re sleeping, a guy that takes care of you will definitely put a ring on your finger in the near future.

He Calls You About Important Stuff

If you’re the first person he calls when he’s got something important to share, it means that you’re his priority. This is a guy who truly loves you and the one you will marry soon.

He’s Nice to Children

Kids love being around him and he loves it too. Kids are great judges of character, so if they want to hang out with him, he’s a keeper.

He’s Never Busy for You

If your guy prefers spending time with you even with a busy schedule, you’ve found Mr. Right.

He Responds to Your Calls and Texts

The guy you should marry will always respond to your texts and calls and will never ignore you, even if he’s busy. This is the guy you should marry.

He Gives Great Gifts

A guy who truly loves you will always give you the greatest gifts for your birthday, anniversary or Christmas. It doesn’t have to be expensive – it may be a signed book or CD, or concert tickets for your favorite band. These small gestures go a long way and mean that he’s the man you should marry.

He’s Happy to Stay Home Cuddling

If he likes a night cuddling on the cough better than going out, he’s a keeper, ladies. This shows that he enjoys doing stuff with you and also indicates that he may pop the big question soon, so be ready for it.

He’s Still A Child Inside

If your guy jumps and yells when his favorite team scores and gets excited about small things, he’s still a child and heart. This fun side of his indicates that he’s the one you should be marrying.

He Stays in Touch with Childhood Friends

The guy you will probably marry will keep old friends close. He will occasionally call them and ask how they are, which indicates that he can keep relationships healthy.

He’s Civil to People Who Work for Him

The guy you will marry is polite to waiters and domestic staff and will never raise his voice unprovoked. He has good manners and will never humiliate those with a lower social status.

He’s True to Himself

The ideal guy doesn’t care about the opinion of others and will stand his ground even when facing adversity.

He Makes You Laugh

If the guy you’re dating makes you laugh your heart out, you can bet he’s the one. He will even make you laugh when things are looking grim, which shows that he cares for you.

He Can Handle Your Worst

No matter the reason, all of us have days when we’re at our worst. In this case, your guy should be supportive and listen to you. If he does this, he’s a keeper.

He Helps You Develop as a Person

The guy you should marry will support your dreams and goals and help you grow as a person. He won’t get insecure if you’re doing better than him – he will encourage you to be even better instead.

Pay more attention to these habits and you’ll be able to tell if the new guy in your life is in it for the long run or he’s just looking for a fling.

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