The Heartbreaking and Inspiring Life Story of Keanu Reeves Revealed

The Heartbreaking and Inspiring Life Story of Keanu Reeves Revealed

As Keanu Reeves reached the peak of his career with “The Matrix”, which grossed more than 463 million US dollars at the box office, other aspects of his personal life were deteriorating.

His dad abandoned him at the age of 3 and decades after going to various high schools without ever graduating, he is now a member of the 50+ club. He suffers from dyslexia but he’s never stopped reading.

When his best friend River Phoenix died from overdose, Keanu expressed his respect for him saying that he had been a great man and actor and that they got along very well, adding that he misses him and thinks of him often.

Sadly, Keanu Reeves’ life was far more tragic and heart-braking.

In 1998 he fell in love with Jennifer Syme, it was love at first sight.

In 1999 Jennifer was carrying Keanu’s child, but the baby was stillborn.

In 2000 they ended the relationship, but Jennifer passed away in a tragic car accident.

In 2006 in an interview with “Parade Magazine”, Keanu said that “Grief changes shape, however it does not end”.

Even though this is a sad revelation to make, he is entitled to it for suffering such great losses. Keanu decided to move on and has improved his perspectives thanks to this. He gave away in charity 80 million US dollars of his earned 114 million US dollars from “The Matrix” movies to the make-up and special effects employees.

It is always better to decide someone’s character by meeting him personally or having at least a personal contact. Luckily a user on Reddit told a story about Keanu. He wrote that his friend had been building sets on one of “The Matrix” movies and that during this time, despite having family trouble, Keanu landed him some money and behaved with everyone as if they are his peers and colleagues, not condescending them or looking down on them for just being the regular movie set staff.  This being said, it is easy to decide that Keanu is truly one of the nicest persons in Hollywood.

Even though he is humble in general, an interview with the magazine “Hello!” in 2003 showed that he can also be brusque and direct. He told the magazines that he does not think about money at all and that he has made enough money to live for 100 years. This is not a lie; he actually uses public transport even though he has a bank account with six figures.

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