God Has A Plan for All Of Us! Here’s Why You Should NEVER Give Up!

Here’s Why You Should NEVER Give Up!

Have you ever wanted to just quit everything? Quit your job, quit your relationship and your whole life? Life can get pretty depressing sometimes, and in these moments, we all need to turn to God. Here’s one such story:

Some time ago, a man was so fed up with all the problems in his life that he decided to quit it all. He was ready to take his own life, but before it, he went to the woods and see if God can help. “God, can you give me a reason not to quit everything?”, the man asked. He didn’t expect an answer, but to his surprise, he heard a voice: “Look around. Take a look at the bamboo and fern…Have you found them?”. The man answered positively. God explained that he took good care of the fern and bamboo seeds when he planted them and the fern started growing fast.

Its greenish leaves covered the forest pretty soon, yet the bamboo seeds were dormant. God didn’t quit next year. The fern grew even more, but the bamboo seeds were silent. Still, he wouldn’t quit. The bamboo was still quiet during the third year. In fact, there was nothing on it until the fifth year, when a tiny sprout emerged. Still, it was insignificant to the fern. However, in only 6 months, the bamboo skyrocketed, reaching 100 feet in height!

The bamboo spent 5 years growing roots. They gave it life and kept it strong on the ground. “I wouldn’t give any of my creations a challenge they won’t overcome,” God said. “It’s the same with you – for the past few years, you’ve been growing roots while handling all the problems in your life. You’ve been growing strong. I didn’t quit on the bamboo, and I will NEVER quit on you. The bamboo and fern had a different purpose, but they both made the forest beautiful. Your time will come – all you need to do is wait,” God spoke. “You will rise again.”

Stunned by God’s answer, the man asked how high he will rise. God answered that, like the bamboo, he’ll grow as high as he can. The man left the forest confused, but knew that with God on his side, he will never even think about quitting again. Let this be a reminder to us all – even in our darkest moments, God wants us to be fighters. Everyone’s time will come, no matter how hard and distant that looks right now.

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