Here’s Why Older Men Are Attracted to Younger Women

Here’s Why Older Men Are Attracted to Younger Women

You know how people say that age is just a number? Well, for some people it really is. More often than not, middle-aged men refuse to feel their age and want to live their life to the fullest and feel young and alive. We’ve all see middle-aged men dating younger women – it might have been taboo in the past, but it’s becoming more and more accepted in recent years.

Unlike in the past, nowadays it’s normal to see a couple where the woman is 10-15 years younger than her partner. Many people are wondering why older men prefer younger women and as it turns out, there’s more than one reason for it.

Here’s why middle-aged men are attracted to younger women:

The Younger the Better

Although age is really just a number, youth has its own energy and charm. Over time, our body undergoes many changes. Back, knee and joint pain become pretty common as we age and don’t get us started on the sex life. This is why middle-aged and older men prefer younger women who have more stamina and are full of life they certainly lack.

Mid-Life Crisis

Another major reason why older men prefer dating young women is their mid-life crisis. Dating younger women in their middle ages gives men some sort of validation. Young women make them feel worthy of love – on the other hand, middle-aged women seek stability and success that can ruin a man’s sense of accomplishment.

The Beauty of Youth

Society has a fixed and unreal standard of beauty which rejects old age. Younger women are farm more fit than old men – it may sound brutal, but that’s what it is. Young people are also open to experiments as well, which is not the case with middle-aged women. This broader mindset and nature is exactly why middle-aged men seek younger women.

They Aren’t into Long-Term Relationships

Older men aren’t interested in serious relationships – in fact, they are only looking for a fling. Younger women have a lot of options, so they are not always interested in long-term relationships as well. This means that both aren’t interested in the burden of responsibility, which is something middle-aged men seek.

Forbidden Fruit

Can we all agree that forbidden fruit always tastes better? Relationships between middle-aged or older men and younger women are often kept secret due to the standards of society. This secrecy is what excites middle-aged men and makes them feel alive again.

They’re Flexible

Younger women are flexible and open to experiments if you catch our drift. This means they can fulfill all the dirty fantasies of middle-aged men which they wouldn’t be able to do with middle-aged women. The possibility of being kinky excites older men, which is why they’re attracted to younger women.

Minimum Effort

Middle-aged men are not looking for emotional attachment and younger women often feel the same way as they want to pursue their careers while they’re young. This carefree situation is suitable for both sides and is one of the reasons why flings work.

Middle-aged Men Seek Dominance

Middle-aged and older men have plenty of experience and enjoy being in charge in relationships, while younger women are usually submissive. Dominating over them is one of the factors why middle-aged men seek younger women instead of focusing on women of their age.

They Quench His Ego

As we already said, older men are looking for validation and younger women are perfect for their needs. Dating a young woman allows middle-aged men to create a solid social image for them. It may look ugly for some people, but it’s an unspoken victory for others. Younger women will want to please their men all the time, which is exactly what they want.

Less Chance of Getting Rejected

Young women prefer older men – they are attracted to their vast experience and stability which definitely brings the rejection rate down. On the other hand, middle-aged women may challenge the huge ego of men and reject them, which can be a huge blow at that point of their life.

They Want A Sense of Adventure

As we grow older, the sense of adventure slowly dies off. However, middle-aged men are excited by the possibilities and excitement of having an adventure with a younger woman, which reignites their sense of adventure. These women are full of life and enthusiasm middle-aged men lack, which is why they’re so attractive for them.

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