Here’s Why Your Partner Matters The Most In Your Life

Here’s Why Your Partner Matters The Most In Your Life

One day at an adult Psychology class, the teacher told the students “Let’s play a game!”. The students were intrigued, wondering what the game is. The teacher asked for a volunteer and a woman named Elise came forward. The teacher told Elise to write down the 30 most important people in her life on the board.

Elise completed the list quickly, writing down family members, friends, neighbors, and colleagues. When she finished, the teacher told her to erase 3 names from the board that Elise considered not that important. It was a harder task than the first. After a while, Elise erased the names of her colleagues. She was then asked to reduce the list by another 5 names. Surprised, Elise thought for a while and erased her neighbors.

The teacher continued asking her to delete 3 or more names from the list until there was no one left on the board but 4 names – Elise’s mother, father, husband, and son. The class knew what was going to happen next. Elise was asked to delete two names from the list and realized that this is not a game anymore. The choice was incredibly difficult and after giving it a lot of thought, she deleted her parents’ name from the board. She was feeling a bit dead inside.

When she turned away, the teacher said: “Delete one more name, please,”. Elise was stunned. Her hands were trembling and she couldn’t stop the tears in her eyes. Unwillingly, she deleted her son’s name from the board. She was obviously in pain and the class was disgusted by the “game”. The teacher told Elise to sit down. After a few minutes of pause, she asked Elise: “Why the husband? Your parents nurtured you, your son is probably your biggest achievement… You can always find a new husband!”.

The silence in the class was deafening. Still shaken from the game, Elise stood up and said: “One day, my parents will be dead. My son will leave me when he gets old enough – the only person who will stay with me to the end is my husband.” Right after that, the whole class stood up and applauded Elise with tears in their eyes.

The story shows how important our partner is. It’s doesn’t apply to husbands only – it applies to wives as well. Marriage is a union of two souls brought together by God and is the most powerful and unbreakable bond in our life. Everything will eventually pass but the person who will stand by your side in good or bad is your partner. This is why it’s important to choose your lifelong companion wisely. Rushing the choice can leave you alone in the end, so don’t take this decision lightly.

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