Did you know that hitting your children can make them antisocial and aggressive?

Did you know that hitting your children can make them antisocial and aggressive?

A study done by Dr. Elizabeth Gershoff, showed that hitting your children as a type of discipline, will only lead them to become more antisocial and aggressive as they grow up. This study is not the only one that came to this kind of conclusion; physical force simply is not the right method to discipline your children.

The study was done to over 12.000 children who were divided, based on their family history, into two groups.

The researchers pointed out that these kinds of experiments are tough because it is not ethical to hit kids for the sake of proving something. So, instead of actually spanking the kids they were asking questions about the children’s experiences if there were any, connected to this issue.  Based on the answers they were able to see if there were or not any consequences upon those children whose parents use or used hitting as a discipline method.

The study concluded that children who were spanked did show some behavioral problems later on in their lives. No matter what was the religious, sociodemographic, cultural background of the children, if they were spanked as little he or she will over time develop some behavioral problems.

Dr. Gershoff explained that, those children later on in their life had problems like fighting or arguing with other children, they were acting impulsively and they were prone to disturbing the classes. She also said that those children would only behave when their parents are around because they know they will be punished.

She also added that hitting is not the right method and parents need to find better ways to discipline their children.

Because the society has grown to be more conscious about how valuable the human life is, today’s parents do not act like their parents or the parents of their parents. The point is that, as the society has developed, hitting children became more and more unacceptable and unethical method of discipline. Nowadays we also have legal punishment for those who physically abuse children.

The problem is that even though the physical abuse has dropped, some parents sometimes even unconsciously abuse their children physiologically or emotionally.  It seems like we adults do not take children’s actions or opinions very seriously and treat them as second-class citizens. Probably what is the most terrifying for the adults, is the children’s free spirit. So with trying to train and tame their children, the parents are suppressing that fear. As result of that, we have a whole planet filled with adults who are deeply frustrated and confused and are prone to aggression.

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