Here’s Why The Hunza People Live Up to 120 Years And Never Get Sick

Here’s Why The Hunza People Live Up to 120 Years And Never Get Sick

Not many of you have heard about the Hunza people, but those who have are probably familiar with their longevity and their incredible health. These people are believed to be the longest living people in the world, suffer from no illnesses, including cancer and are the happiest people alive.

The question is, what is their secret to a healthy and long life?

In order to answer this question we searched for long-living people on the net in hope that they may share their wisdom with us and reveal their secret to longevity. But honestly, their stories were quite different and we weren’t able to draw a parallel and conclude with certainty what it is that helps them live that long.

There were a number of people who shared completely different stories. One lady from Italy who lived up to 116 confessed that the secret to her longevity is her staying single all her life. She was married for a while but got divorced when she was 38 because she found her husband dominating. She stayed single ever since. She also added that she fought off her anemia with her habit of eating 2 raw eggs every morning her entire life,

Another person who also lived up to a hundred years of age believed his secret was eating bacon every day, while a man from California believes that eating a donut a day is what kept him going over a century. After a while a came across a woman named Clarice Emley who said that she had lived on her family farm her entire life and she and her family only ate food they grew themselves and stayed physically active well into their old age.

Seeing as all of these stories were different, I couldn’t exactly discover the secret to longevity. But then I read about the Hunza people, a population of people who lived in the mountainous valleys in Pakistan.

Why did I find these Hunza people so interesting?

Here are the main reasons:

  • Their literacy rate is over 95%, which is astonishing
  • There are 4 different ethnicities in the Hunza region
  • There are 2 religions which divides the Hunzas into 2 religious groups
  • They lead a simple lifestyle and are warm and welcoming to outsiders
  • There have been reported cases of Hunzas living up to 150 years of age
  • Their women give birth up to the age of 65
  • They only eat whole foods and nothing processed
  • They’re hardworking and often work in the fields from the early morning until well into the evening.

Reading about these fascinating people has helped me reach some conclusion as to why these people live so long and why are their healthy. I believe that the following points are the most important ones we need to follow if we want to have a long and healthy life:

Education matters

Despite the fact that many people may disagree, education is vital for a long and healthy life. Look at the Hunzas, their literacy rate is 95%, which means almost everyone of them has at least a high school diploma. If we want to have a healthy, active life we need to have a healthy, developed brain which can be stimulated through education, from the early age.

Healthy relationships are crucial

You may stay single your entire life, but you need to maintain healthy relationships with the people closest to you. This will help you maintain a good relationship with yourself as well, will ease the stress and help you charge yourself with positive energy.

You need to learn how to express your feelings freely, not keep them bottled up inside. Suppressing your feelings is unhealthy, which is why you need someone you an express them to, be it a close friend, a family member or even a pet.

Stress-free life

Stress is the silent killer of modern day and it’s what prevents us from becoming the healthy, long-living people we all want to be. It’s almost impossible to completely avoid it these days, but we may at least try it. Try not to bring your work at home with you, try to slow down and enjoy the little things in life. Don’t get worked up over nothing and simply learn to breathe deeply and connect with nature. Try meditation, yoga or whatever suits you best to achieve a calmer life.

Eat healthy, organic food

This is probably one of the things you’ve heard more than a billion times before but it’s one of the crucial things you need to do if you want to reach old age. The Hunzas only eat what they grow and they almost never get sick and they haven’t heard about cancer. They don’t live to eat; they eat to live. They enjoy food as much as it keeps their bellies full but they don’t see it as an indulgence. They may haven’t heard of pizza, donuts or French fries, but they most certainly know what a happy, healthy life is.

Stay physically active

This is also one of the most important things, one that many ignore. The Hunzas work in the fields well into their old age, they work hard and they never complain. It’s what keeps them busy and prevents them from overthinking. You may think you’re too old and that physical activity is not for you, but you’re wrong. You may not be able to run 10 miles, but you can surely jog every morning for 15-20 minutes. Stay physically active if you want to prolong your life.

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